Sunday, February 13, 2011

Snowmen and officers

I want to start off this blog with congratulating my brother. Even thou I can still whip my brothers ass my brother is now an NYPD. He is among the brave people who are protecting the streets of New York. Unfortunately on his Graduation day NYC had a horrible snowstorm prior and it made it impossible for my Sister and Mom to make it on time to his Graduation. I was going to take them out to lunch as a graduation gift but the plans got ruined. That evening they went to go see Frueza Bruta. Which was the gift I got them for Christmas.

Here are some pictures of Miguel and I trying to build a snowman. In our defense we didn’t have gloves and the snow was tremendously cold.

Hope all is well


Books, Movies, Shows

I am going to keep this short and sweet. Wicked is fucking WICKED!!!! I love love loved it!!!!! The joy I felt after seeing this show almost made me cry!

Black Swan caught me off guard because I didn’t expect it to be incredibly GOOD!!!

Everything else I enjoyed :)


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thanksgiving Feast part 1 and 2

This past thanksgiving I decided it was my turn to finally cook and host my first Thanksgiving Dinner. I have been mastering my skills in the kitchen and thought it was time to take it to the next level. Thanksgiving dinner was going to be away for me to prove to myself and to others that I Jonathan am a GREAT COOK!!! Or a failure but lucky I didn’t fail.

I had two thanksgiving dinners actually. One that was for my family and a few friends who were from out of town and had never experienced thanksgiving and the following day I was having a potluck thanksgiving where all my friends brought a dish from home and we all got to experience a different dish…..not to mention I wasn’t going to slave away in the kitchen for two days straight.

On thanksgiving day I cooked and made the Turkey ( which came out AMAZING AND JUICY) I made mash potatoes with a hint of tarragon, some mushrooms with tarragon as well as a nice arugula salad with gorgonzola cheese. My mother brought some meatloaf and Warrick took care of desserts.

It was My mothers, sister, brother, Bertha, Michael, Warrick and myself on the actual thanksgiving day. I think it was nice that Warrick was able to make it since he was visiting from Australia and had never been to a Thanksgiving dinner. After dinner we played Jinga and just talked for a bit. It was a pretty millow night and got the praised I wanted for the meal J Unfortunately I didn’t take pictures of my food or meal.

Now the Potluck itself was a success!!!! I had it on the following day and had about 15-18 people over in my little apartment. I didn’t cook a thing since I still had left overs from the night before and everyone else brought a dish. I have pictures of that night. We all talked, listened to music, and we also played Jinga as well. The night was also a big success and I was happy that everyone was able to share with one another. I guess this year I was just really thankful to have nice people around me.

I know I haven’t blogged in so long now but I am going to try to catch up.

Hope all is well


Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Birthday fun

Cornells birthday was months ago!!! To be exact it was the first week of September and I am finally blogging about it after such a long period of time. But I sorta need to because we had such a great time!!!!

We decided that we would celebrate Cornell's birthday in central park and have a empandas mamas picnic ( if you haven't been to empandas mamas then you have to get to one asap!!!) the day was perfect with sunshine and 75 degree if I remember properly. We acted like idiots and tons of cornells friends were all there.

So Cornell had be complaining that his computer was dying and that he was worried that he wouldn't have one much longer..... So I came up with the clever idea and with the help of his friends we were able to raise $1000 dollars gift card from the apple store for the purchase of his new comp.

At the picnic Astami brought her old Mac computer box and we put the gift card in the box!!!! Then handed it to him...... I won't get into the reaction just yet since it wasn't very satisfying at the moment ( let's just say he felt overwhelmed by the gesture) and a few days later he was saying thank you to everyone.

After the sun went down we went back to my place and we kept the party rolling over there. We played card games and board games and Cornell eventually got drunk and past out for a portion of the party. And his sister saw him this way but it wasn't like he was mess he just knocked out for a few minutes and drank water the rest of the night.

The party was a success and my best friends points are almost covering my best friend debt to him!!! I owe him a lot!!

Hope all is well

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Books and Movies again

So these are some of the books and movies I have seen lately. All the books were amazing and out of all the movies the only one you should really avoid is " The Last Airbender" Everything else is really good or cute.

Hope all is well