Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bowling with the Gays

This past wednesday a group of us decided to go bowling in the city and we had such a great time. Its been a while since we all have gotten together in such a big group. We went on a wednesday night because it gets too crowded on the weekends. We also got lucky because of Hectors friends worked there and he comp our Lane.

I almost had a major injury. Hector dropped a 12 pound bowling bowl right next to my foot!!! He just laughed it off and said “Oops it slipped” I could have been in the hospital but the key world in the sentence was Could so there was no point in sweating it. I just made sure when it was his turn I wouldn't stand near him.

People were also hot messes since there is a bar at the bowling ally and people ordered drinks as if they were soda drinks. By the end of the night half of us were bowling in the wrong lane or the ball would go directly in the gutter. Maybe thats why I won lol.

Rob was the funniest one that night. He was feeling tipsy aka drunk and he would skip people, shout, dance, and throw french fries. It was pretty funny over all. Cornell was being classy and sitting with his legs crossed lol Just kidding he got up and bowled and did well. He was the social butterfly that he normally is and had a good time.

anyways thats all for now


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Phoenix in a hot second

Here are just a few pictures from my time in Phoenix.
I was staying at the beautiful InterContinental Montelucia Resort & Spa.
I didnt take many pictures but here are just a few.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I left my heart in San francisco

Not really but I love SF. Its such a wonderful city and I always have a really good time when I go. I usually stay in the Union square area which is perfect because your close to everything. On this trip I went over with Anthony but I actually here back another time with Erika which I never posted. So just to keep it simple I am going to combine both marvelous trips together.

Ill just list the things we did to keep it nice and compact.

Walked around Union square and went shopping

Went to the wharf on a nice sunny day

Rented bikes and went over the Golden gate bridge and back

Did some wine tasting in Sausalito

Took a boat ride around the bay, under the bridge and over to Alcatraz

Headed over to the Castro for a drink

Looked at the sea lions

Ate at my favorite place "The CheeseCake Factory" ( Both Times )

Keeping this short and simple for now


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Montreal with no Cam

Vulu vulu Voo lol. Thats what I would be saying while I was walking down the lovely streets of Montreal. Alma would then slap me and tell me to shut up because someone might think I am making fun of the french Canadians. Which I was but in a loving way.

Montreal is a lot different then Toronto. When I am in Toronto it just feels like I am in another US city. But In Montreal everyone speaks to you in French and when they realize that you dont speak french they then speak to you in english.

The week we were in Montreal the sun was nice and bright but the weather was frigid.

unfortunately I didn't have a camera with me so I was able to document my travels. Lost my camera in Miami grrrr..

But ill just give you a run down of what we did.

Walk, eat, walk, eat, eat, eat, walk, sleep, sight-see eat, eat, visit art galleries, nap and a little more eating lol.

On one of the nights Alma and I went dancing at the local dance club called “Le Parking” and we had a blast. If there something you should know about Alma is that she is FIERCE DANCER. She gives it to me nice and hard every-time I go out with here and she just puts me through it in a good way. We had a moderate night thou and just stayed out till 3am.

Ill capture Alma on video one day so you can see her moves till then just use your imagination


ps love this song

Thursday, April 08, 2010

A new member to the family

I am glad to say that we have a new addition to the family. My younger brother is now a father and my nephews name is Matthew. He was born in late march and is perfectly healthy. A few days before the baby was born my brother threw one of the wildest baby showers I had ever seen.

I went to the baby shower with Alma and Anthony. It was held over at my mothers place and I was expecting a few people, a little bit of food. Well lets just say it was a full on house party with an admission fee ...... A baby gift. My brother had a DJ, strobe lights, a larger sound system , food, and beers at the house. I met a few of his co-workers and saw friends of his that I hadnt seen in years.

Enough with the party and lets move on with the baby. Matthew is so cute and so small. I was so nervous when picking up the baby and worried I wasnt holding him right. I had to have them pass the baby in my arms because I was afraid I would snap the little ones neck. While holding him I was touching his cute little forehead but supposedly I am not supposed to touch him there for the first few months since he is still developing. I really cant believe we start off so small and end up being such big old monsters.

Even thou Matthew is adorable I want him to be a little bigger. That way I dont have to be so gentle and worry that I am going to break him.

Thats all for now
Uncle J