Monday, October 30, 2006

dance boi dance

I have go-go danced back in the day. I would get on a box and shake my
booty and my arms, but last night I did something completely different. I
answered an ad looking for dancers for a club. I went
for an audition and the liked my moves that the same night I ended up working. Wow being on
stage was different then it usually was when I go-go on a small box
because you had a larger stage for yourself and everyone was watching. But
I go over that real quick. It was the stuff afterwards that was a
killer. I had to later give lap dances which I never had done before.
Not only that you would have to go up to the guys to get the lap dances.
I was a mess. I didn't want to go up to people and it felt weird and scary giving
these lap dances. I am SHY but friendly but not really outgoing. Being on stage was a
breeze compared to the rest of the night. A lot of the dancers who are straight were hassling for lap dances being aggressive and making people want lap dances. I can't do
that. I felt that in order for me to be like that I would have to be
high or drunk and I don't want lose control of myself so I would never
do that. I don't think there anything wrong with it at all but it doesn't
flow natural to me. That what's I like about everything else that I do. I like things to feel organic and real.
I did manage to meet a few dancers and clients that tried really hard to
make it easy for me. They were introducing me to their friends and giving me tips on how to talk to the guys. One of them was Richard who was this amazing man who was really sweet and nice. I am going to try to give it another shot and see
how it feels and maybe I will learn how to be a tad aggressive. Many of the dancers had the same experience. I do feel like I could be a bit of a push over and I know that if I can learn how to be demanding and forceful in a good way I can get the things I want. Also I feel like it will make me a better negotiator and business man in the future Hassle hassle Hassle. that's what all those top CEO's do

Recap on the earlier weekend it was my friend Rebecca bday. We
went to eat in queens at a cute place called Cavo in Astoria and then we
went to AIR in the meat packing district but I wasn't crazy about that
at all. My sister came on Saturday and we went shopping because she
needed to buy an outfit for a fashion show she is doing in school. It
would have been a late bday present for her but we didn't find anything
good. Oh and I also went to a Baptist church on Sunday but we didn't get
in since it turned out the place was crowded and the line went around
the block. I sneaked in but Julio got caught and so I came back out
because I felt bad leaving him by himself. Ok that is all good bye
:o)Jonathan Vargas

Friday, October 27, 2006

El porno el Bingo

Well its been a good amount of time since I have posted anything new.
This week I have done a good number of things. I hosted my first event
ever and plant bingo with Will Clark.( who is a really nice guy and an
ex porn star) to raise money for an aids charity. It was a lot of fun and I
had so many surprises. 4 of my old co-workers from urban living were
there to see me. I kind of had an idea that Mark and his bf would have been there
because mark had called me a few days before and asked if there was anything
"new in my life" and I said no in such a corky way. And then suddenly he
appears at planet bingo. Oh the shock on my face lol ( not really). The
idea behind me being there was to raise enough money so that the people
could get me to strip down to my superman underwear. Which you can see
they did because I was in nothing but my undies. I am extremely happy I
was able to help and I would be more then happy to strip down for a good
cause :o). I must admit that I did something bad that night. I didn't
invite my boyfriend to come and actually I didn't even mention the event
to him. He actually found out through his friends. It was wrong I know
but I didn't invite him because I didn't want him there it was just these
personal issue that I have to work on my own. Its really hard to explain
and I doubt anyone would understand because he doesn't. But I want to
apologize . I did buy him
flowers and I am truly am sorry. I fucked up big time but he knows I
didn't do it to be malices or mean. Anyhow hopefully ill be out of the
dog house soon and he will feel better soon. Yesterday I had an economics
test that was extremely hard and then I had an accounting test which was
not fun at all. School has been alright over all but I must admit that
I am so over it all and I just want to graduate even though that wont
happen till fall of next year. Oh by the way I spoke to my sweet buddy
Pete Ross last night and my small crush Jason Ridge. They were calling
to say hi and to see how I was doing. Thanks you guys. Actually going
back to plant bingo it was Pete Ross who introduced me to Will Clark and
that night I won twice. The day I hosted the event I won too but gave my
ticket to a nice fan named jack who shared it with another fan named
tony. Hope you guys are well. Well I am not sure if I mentioned this
but I am actually typing on my sidekick while working out on the cardio
machine. So I better get back to working out
Jonathan Vargas

Friday, October 20, 2006

not sure how dirty you can get on here

Not sure what I can and what I cant post on here so here are some none studio pics. Hopefully my blog wont be terminated because of these pics. Can you believe I am actually shy in person. recently i went to go see short bus again with my friend Branden. To make a long story short some handsome man asked me to show him my cock in the bathroom. Even if i really wanted to I wouldn't. I be a bit shy. sometimes I can be really dirty and nasty but for most of the time I am this shy shy guy. So go and look at my cock good times good times
Jonathan Vargas

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

la dolce vita pics

joe oppedisano took these
love it

Jonathan Vargas

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Kristel Bday

Yesterday I got to see Amy Sedris at Barnes and nobles in union square
with Branden. And let me tell you she is just a little ball of fire. She
is quick, witty, funny, and so smart. Amy was promoting her new book "I
like you" which is basically a cook book/arts craft/good etiquette/crazy
book. I just love her, but I must admit I have a deadly sin I must
confess. I don't like her in strangers with candy show. She is to weird and
just not that much fun for me. If anything its creepy. But other then
that she awesome. Love you Amy if you ever wanted to blow me ill let you.
Call me :o)

Today is a very special day. Its my beautiful baby sisters birthday. She
just turned 14 and I just can't believe how much she has grown. I feel
very lucky that I was old enough to understand that my mom was going to
have a baby. I didn't know about sex at the time but I did know that at
some point in time her belly would get so big that a baby would burst
out. I remember helping my mom around the house and I remember her calling
me so that I could feel her kick inside the tummy. One other thing is
that I knew I would have a sister and my mom thought it would be a boy.
We made a bet and I won't tell you what I asked for because its way to
embarrassing to mention , but lets just say she never paid up. I should
have taken my sister as ransom. Anyway's now my sis is a bit older but
she will always be my little sis who I will protect with my life. She a
really sweet girl with a huge heart. And I just love her.

Hope all is well
Jonathan Vargas

Sunday, October 15, 2006

link to mels bday bash

Jonathan Vargas
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meli bday BASH

This Friday was My close friend Melissa 21 bday party at remi lounge ( or how Yarenis would say it "its Just remi lounge". I am not a big fan of going to party in queens but it was for Melissa. whenever I go out with Melissa there is fun and drama ( and I love it all). she"s a great friend and I have known here since High school. beside my other great friend Sin ( the pretty one with the red hair) was going to be there and this was the perfect chance for us to hang just like when we were in high school. I brought my best friend who I have known since elementary school. she the one with the long brown gorgeous hair. we were having such a great time and having a few drinks. but the night ended short. we got kicked out because the bday girl decided to kick this bitches ass who was messing with her though out the night. I video recorded the event and the drama but not sure how to up loaded, but when I do check it out and see the drama for yourself hope you enjoy
good times good times
Jonathan Vargas

Friday, October 13, 2006

Shortbus the next must see movie

The next movie you need to see if shortbus
its funny, cleaver, entertaining, and full of Nudity :o)
Jonathan Vargas

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

birds, games and pics

If you want to see a few picture from the photo shoot with Joe Oppedisano go to ohlalablog. And check them out.

The other picture I took while setting in Bryant park with my friend Branden. The birds were really close so I thought I would take a cute picture.

Oh and one last thing. I am not sure if any of you have played nintendo ds brain academy. Its this really cool game that you can sample at circuit city or best buy. Me and Branden always play this game and of course I always beat him. His best score has been 760 and my latest all time high is 888. I didn't take a picture of that score cause I forgot to. But Branden can back me up even thou he's to ashamed too.

Jonathan Vargas

silly fun

Here are an array of random things. Lets start with star Jones porn star
look alike. Her name is Midori. But I would name her either Jones star or
Star Jonesy just to play off the celebrity thing. I found the poster
while walking around 42 street with ken after we had lunch.

On another day I was riding the bus and there was this women that had
some much work done on her face that she looked like Jones rivers. I
stood up discreetly and I took her picture. The woman was fabulous thou.
Was just chatting away with random people on the bus. NYC is the best
place to find the most unique things and people

had my good buddy Cornell send me some pictures since my hard drive
had burnt out and I had lost everything on my computer. Luckily
everywhere I go me and Cornell go so he had a good amount of pictures
that he had taken on his camera. We'll iam getting off subject. I
wanted to show you the before and after pictures of me before I became
an exclusive. I had no idea that I was this bulky. The picture was taken
in mid July. And when I walked into Lucas offices he had told me that I
needed to get leaner. So I cut the amount of calories that I ate and I
added cardio to my daily routine. The next picture was taken in late
august and as you can see the result are drastic. I had lost 12 pounds
in total. I am a lot smaller but hopefully in the near future I can add
more mass on my frame.

Jonathan Vargas

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Family first

Today my cousin is coming over from Boston to stay with me a while since she is going through some hardships at the moment. She has been in a lot of pain these past couple of months. I don't want to get into detail of what these problems are only because I know she wouldn't want it posted on the web. I can say that a small portion of the problem has to do with her weight. I know that she has a low self esteem and I really want to help her with that. I love Stephanie with all my heart and we have always been close. When we were younger we would play silly games like, Barbie lol and make dance performances or play wrestle and most popular of all invisible powers. I always got super excited because we would have a blast with her and my other cousin JP. My brother would also makes us play bad teacher and Jerry springer. Lol. Lets get back to the main story thou. so the reason why I am bring her to NYC is to show her an amazing city with endless opportunities. I can introduce her to tons of really nice people. I plan on working her over at the gym and she will lose 40 pounds with me. Ken my bf is being really supportive and I know he will help me make her feel so much better. Make her confident and strong. I want her to love herself so she can love others. I don't have everything planned yet but I know this month will be good for her and that she will leave happy and as whole new person. I should document this all.

on the top is my bf

Love Jonathan Vargas