Friday, December 15, 2006

More Premiere pics

First Pic is of me Mike and Will Second pic is of Ben, Richard, Me and Erik
Third Pic is of Ken Me Pete and his bf Mike and last but not least is me and cornell

I love it all
Jonathan Vargas

La Dolce Vita Premiere Party

This past Tuesday was the premiere party for La dolce Vita. It was held at the soho play house and there was about 200 people there. There was a list of super stars there like, Amanda Lepore Baby Jun and some hot Latin boys. PJ DeBoy and his partner Paul Dawson also the hot gay couple in John Cameron Mitchell's "Short bus", Marc Jacobs, show host, Will Wikle hosted a panel discussion with the stars after the film while his boyfriend Jason Bellini, the CBS News on LOGO anchor, watched from the audience. Also cant forget muscle hunk Erik Rhodes was there too. I was able to bring my boyfriend to the event and my little Buddy Cornell. They had a good time. It was also very nice to see my porn buddy Pete Ross and his boyfriend Mike. After the premiere we went to b bar which was actually really nice. Jack Bond was there and so were Will Wikle and Jason Bellini and a few other guys from the premiere. Over all I had a blast and wish you all could have been there to see the La Dolce Vita on the big screen. Well I have to finish up cleaning the apartment. The in-laws are coming over for the weekend. Oh I will be at the erotic gay expo this weekend too. So if you guys want to see me Ill be there. Pics from top to bttm me and Jason Bellini. Me and Michael making his signature face and me with the boys from the movie Shortbus

what a blast
Jonathan Vargas

Monday, December 11, 2006

Getting Raped

imagine me being tied down in the nude by muscle hunk Erik Rhodes and yours trulyVin Nolan. I was being manhandled and "tortured". It was for a photo shoot for a erotic gallery. Jeff the photographer for HX did some great work and it was a lot of fun. I had no idea that this was going to be a rape scene kind of shoot. And I had to be the victim :o) which of course there was no protest. Erik had his bf Daniel who was actually on road rules which was pretty cool and nice. It was kind of awkward having Erik cock right next to my mouth when his bf was there. But it sure didn't stop me lol. I was embarrassed at a moment because both erik and Vin had these huge hard on and I was soft for must of the time and it looked so tiny. I am more of a grower so I started stroking to get it up and then my confidence all came back. I had a good time at the shoot it was a lot of fun. I was lifted,tide down and used and abused. But I did get revenge on Erik ass too. Cant wait to see the final result.
Later in the night I went out with our fun girl Norh and my cool buddy Cornell to Bank. We had such a great time. Which means we got stupid drunk and danced like animals. We ran into Michael that night and they were just talking away. We later lost Norh somewhere in the club and me and Cornell went looking for her while still flirting with the hotties. At 4 we went to Urge to meet up with my buddy Miguel. I ran into Garrett who was one of the fashion Models for the La Dolce Vita. And then I got in a cab and came home to the husband who was sleeping away with Pablo ( our stuffed penguin ) that I got him. To much fun fun fun
That is all for now
Jonathan Vargas

Saturday, December 09, 2006

La Dolce VIta is OUT OUT OUT

Its is finally here!!! La Dolce Vita is Finally out and it is time for all of you to get a copy. Yesterday I stopped into the offices to get my very own copy and I got to see the whole movie. It was a little hard for me to watch my own scene cause it felt a little weird but I must say that for the fact that it was my first movie it was really good. Pete Ross who was my scene partner looks great and is the main reason why I feel so proud with our scene. All the other scene in the movie was super hott too. Like Jason Ridge scene with Michael and Derrick. Jason is super hot I am hoping to see him at the movie premiere this Tuesday. I also shoot as an extra in a movie for Jarrah's AD "Center of the Universe". I was a go-go dancer in the movie and was dancing on a box shirtless. Did I mention that in NYC its about 26 degrees so I was freezing. It was shoot at Crobar and its was actually my first time there. The club is huge and I have never been so I better hurry over and start partying over there. Looks like fun. I also went to see Casino Royal this week and Daniel Craig is one gorgeous James Bond. That man has this amazing manly attitude that is sexy and appealing. My eyes were fixed on him the entire movie. The action packed movie was filled with humor and sexy nude scenes. I loved it and would recommend it to everyone who loves action packed movies filled in by a sexy characters. Daniel Craig actually reminds me of an older version of porn hot stud Bruce Beckham. They have very similar eyes and just so sexy.

Jonathan Vargas

Friday, December 01, 2006


2 nights ago my buddy Branden invited me to the movies premiere of Apocalytpo. And thank God I went the movie was extraordinary. It pains me to say it since Mel Gibson wrote, directed, and produced the movie, but you have to give credit where credit is due. The movie kept me in my chair and I felt a rush all over my body. It was authentic expect for 2 parts of the movies and the visualization was incredible. Me and Branden had a blast since I would make comments during the movie and it would just make the movie a lot funnier and so much more fun to watch ( its not a comedy but I find humor in almost anything). The story line was great and the ending couldn’t have been better. So I suggest the moment the movie comes out ( dec 8 ) you all run as fast as your little legs can carry you and SEE THE MOVIE. It's a great conversation starter at any social scene and it would be nice to see what others had to say about it. Well I better get ready to head uptown. Going to run a few errands with the BF so I will leave you with that
Ps going to be at club 20 this week if any of you want to see me dance there on sunday night. Oh and if you want to see another clip of the movie where I am in go to Lucasblog and pick La dolce Vita Part 1 you can preview my

Jonathan Vargas