Wednesday, February 28, 2007

La dolce vita wins 14 awards and my quick update

Its been so long that I have blogged. To be honest its just that I haven't thought about writing lately even thou I know I should. I been a tad busy too I must say. Last week I got back from key west. I was the assistant to a very well known photographer who goes under the name of Big Hudson. I had a great time with everyone done in Key west. I got to meet so many people and I would love to mention them all but I am afraid of missing someone and then feeling horrible so I wont try it. But I will post some Pics.

Great news everyone La Dolce Vita won 14 awards at the GVN awards. I so excited that I can say that I was a apart of that movie and add it onto my porn resume.

what else..... oh
Ken had gone away for the weekend to Puerto Rico and came back yesterday. And then we both leave on separate trips tomorrow. I am going down to Fort Lauderdale to finally film again and ken is going down to Brazil for vacation.

Well just wanted to let you guys know that I am still alive and I hope you are all doing well

Jonathan Vargas

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Jonathan have another drink (party goes on)

Well how can I put it. I have the most deceptive, sneaky, secretive
friends a person can imagine. Can you believe that my closes friends
through me a surprise bday party and my bf was in on the action! Friday
was one of the most amazing day of my life. My best friend Yarenis was
the decoy. She had taken me out to dinner with her boyfriend and my
friend Steven who works at Lucas entertainment in the PR department. We
had all gone to dinner late at night and all the clues were there. I had
invited my friend Branden and Melissa to the small dinner but they had
excuse for not coming and I was sad. But little did I know that they
were at the house setting everything up with my little buddy Cornell. We
ate at a Thai place and Yarenis was desperate for me to be home by 1030
but her excuse was that our elementary school friend was coming out with
us and was meeting us at my house. Yarenis during dinner was constantly on
the phone and would leave the table. She kept on saying how we had to
go back to my place and drink a bit. So o course after dinner we go back
to my place to pick up “De’Anna” and have a few drinks. I am walking up the
stairs and Yarenis tells me to wait because “De’Anna” is close by. That was
another clue but I still didn't get the hints. I finally make it to my
six floor walk up apartment. Slip my key into the door knob I turn on
the lights and bang. I got the shock of my life. I think my heart must
have skipped a beat from the shock and I felt like I wasn't there for
the first 20 minutes. I think it was one of the sweetest thing anyone
has done and ken had brought home this really cute human size martini
glass. There was cake and liquor. Little bite size food and more liquor.
There was chips and of course more liquor. An hour later I had another guest come by and it was Dancer Alma from high school. I offered her a drink and just went crazy. We left my house to go to a bar around my house. Melissa got crazy and started dancing on the bar. The men and bartenders were loving it so much that we got free drinks. I was so out of it at this point. We then decided to go down to the east village to Urge. Had a couple more drinks and just had a blast. I couldn’t ask for anything better. If there’s anything that I am really grateful about it is the fact that I have wonderful people around me. Friends who I can count on and who are there for me. I know they will never judge me and I can trust them with anything.
I love you guys big time. I am the richest guy in the world and will continue to be rich as long as I have you all.
Thank you
Jonathan Vargas

Hot guys and bday Fun

Well I just wanted to update you on a few things that have happened
since I came back. I have already done a couple of cool thing this week.
I got to spend a great amount of time with my boyfriend ken. It had been
a full month since I got to kiss, Hug, And cuddle with him. We had
dinner and lunch and spent as much time as possible. For my bday he took
me out to dinner at Spice Market which is located in the meat packing
district and its such a great place. He took me the night before my bday
actually and it was crowed on a Monday night! The food was amazing but
you leave a little hungry since the portions are really small but so
worth it. I also got to go to the under gear party with my friend Brad and his bf.
That was fun since they had a really hot underwear fashion show with some
really hot models. They all looked so ripped and yummy. Now back to my
bday lol. That day I met up with my friend David. You will here more
about him when I tell you more Colombian stories. We ended up at my
mothers house and my sister and brother sang me happy bday. My mom
brought me a small cake and I spent a few hours there.. Then I went to
David’s house which is in queens and we fixed up his room since it was a bit
disorganized. He too was in Colombia and hadn't unpacked lol. We then
decided to go Bbar in the east village later that night so we went back to my place first. He was online for a while and I now was cleaning up my house. He got tired then I got tired and he went home and I went to bed. The next day was David’s
bday and my friend Darwin wanted to take me out to dinner for my bday.
So I suggested we all go out together as a group and we did. But before
we had dinner me and my buddy Cornell went to the book signing party at
therapy for the cute cartoon Chelsea bois. Lady bunny and Fredrick ford
was there. Fredrick was supposed to be sing but I couldn't stay for
that since I had dinner. We all met up and ate at vinyl in hells
kitchen. It was like 11 of us sitting at one table all squished in, but
it was fun. We couldn't be at two separate tables because then there
would be no point of coming together in the first place. After dinner
we decided to go to the roxy to roller skate. It was just 5 of us at that
point and I thought the roller skating would be a perfect way to burn
some calories. I haven't told you this but I gaiend12 pounds in
Colombia. So I am on this strict cardio plan and a pretty strict diet. So
just give me 3 weeks and I should be back to normal. The food there was
just so much and all the drinking didn't help either. I hate being so
vague about all the details of all the events but its so much
Catch me again later in the week
Jonathan Vargas

Colombia part 2

Well lets talk with my grandparents party and recommit ceremony. The
day started out normally with everyone needing to get ready. I of course
don't have my luggage for this special event. But anyways it was a huge
family event. When I say everyone came to Colombia I mean everyone from
the states like my parents cousin and uncles and aunts. I mean the place
was packed and they all went for my grandparents. It was just so amazing
to see the love and support and to be with everyone. I met my cousin for
the first time and I also met John for the first time because I had
never met him before. Sebastian lives in Las Vegas and John lives in
Venezuela. He is my uncle Bravlio son and my mother brother. He has 5
kids with different women plus two step kinds. But ill get to that
later. So we are at the party and the reverend comes out and starts the
ceremony. He was talking about how wonderful that my grandparents been
married for 50 yrs and how uncommon this was and how special this is.
But I made a comment that he has only been there for less then half the
marriage because he was in the states working to be able to build a
strong future in Colombia. It was funny and the people laughed at the
table. My grandfather just recently left the states 2 yrs ago and my
grandmama compliances how bossy he is to my mom. So really the long
distance separation was the key factor here cause who know what would
have happened. But my grandpa loves my grandmother so much and my
grandma is so happy to have him back too. Anyways the reverend kept yapping
about 50 years and how my grandparents were the perfect example of love
and that my grandparents children must have wonderful marriages because
of there example. That when the whole party looked at my uncle Bravlio
and were laughing. Of course he has been married 5 or 6 times and has 5
kids all over the place. So everyone got a kick out of it. The party
went on and everyone had a great time. I had a few cocktails of course
and danced a bit to salsa . The party
ended like at 3 and we all left with the gifts and presents people had
left for my grandparents. But suddenly we had no cab and it was like 18
of us. No cabs were stopping and it was late at night and Colombia can be
very dangerous. We tried to stop a cab but wouldn’t stop. So we had to
WALK home with all these women in heels with boxes of present. My uncle
set up a task force with the males of the bunch to stand in the back
front and side and fuck up anyone who came close. It was a tad scary we
started walking when I suddenly fell into a hole filled with mud. I was
so angry that I launched this vase of flowers into the air. We
all got home ok and that was that. Well I still have a million stories
but I should keep them short. Ill post again real soon
Jonathan Vargas

slide show of colombia

this is so much easier so enjoy


Jonathan Vargas