Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Hot guys and bday Fun

Well I just wanted to update you on a few things that have happened
since I came back. I have already done a couple of cool thing this week.
I got to spend a great amount of time with my boyfriend ken. It had been
a full month since I got to kiss, Hug, And cuddle with him. We had
dinner and lunch and spent as much time as possible. For my bday he took
me out to dinner at Spice Market which is located in the meat packing
district and its such a great place. He took me the night before my bday
actually and it was crowed on a Monday night! The food was amazing but
you leave a little hungry since the portions are really small but so
worth it. I also got to go to the under gear party with my friend Brad and his bf.
That was fun since they had a really hot underwear fashion show with some
really hot models. They all looked so ripped and yummy. Now back to my
bday lol. That day I met up with my friend David. You will here more
about him when I tell you more Colombian stories. We ended up at my
mothers house and my sister and brother sang me happy bday. My mom
brought me a small cake and I spent a few hours there.. Then I went to
David’s house which is in queens and we fixed up his room since it was a bit
disorganized. He too was in Colombia and hadn't unpacked lol. We then
decided to go Bbar in the east village later that night so we went back to my place first. He was online for a while and I now was cleaning up my house. He got tired then I got tired and he went home and I went to bed. The next day was David’s
bday and my friend Darwin wanted to take me out to dinner for my bday.
So I suggested we all go out together as a group and we did. But before
we had dinner me and my buddy Cornell went to the book signing party at
therapy for the cute cartoon Chelsea bois. Lady bunny and Fredrick ford
was there. Fredrick was supposed to be sing but I couldn't stay for
that since I had dinner. We all met up and ate at vinyl in hells
kitchen. It was like 11 of us sitting at one table all squished in, but
it was fun. We couldn't be at two separate tables because then there
would be no point of coming together in the first place. After dinner
we decided to go to the roxy to roller skate. It was just 5 of us at that
point and I thought the roller skating would be a perfect way to burn
some calories. I haven't told you this but I gaiend12 pounds in
Colombia. So I am on this strict cardio plan and a pretty strict diet. So
just give me 3 weeks and I should be back to normal. The food there was
just so much and all the drinking didn't help either. I hate being so
vague about all the details of all the events but its so much
Catch me again later in the week
Jonathan Vargas


G Cracker said...

Wow, it's kinda cool that some of the club names sound familiar. There's a Roxy and a Therapy in Providence. :P
Anyways, your birthday sounds like it was a HUGE blast!! Happy birthday, btw! :)

Ivan Vitiello said...

YAY!! Glad to have been part of your Birthday & that u came to the Roxy!! I had tons of fun!! you a lot of fun too!! Hope to hang out again soon!! I hate that pic of Cornell & me!! LOL! muuuah!

Taryn said...

Good for people to know.