Wednesday, February 28, 2007

La dolce vita wins 14 awards and my quick update

Its been so long that I have blogged. To be honest its just that I haven't thought about writing lately even thou I know I should. I been a tad busy too I must say. Last week I got back from key west. I was the assistant to a very well known photographer who goes under the name of Big Hudson. I had a great time with everyone done in Key west. I got to meet so many people and I would love to mention them all but I am afraid of missing someone and then feeling horrible so I wont try it. But I will post some Pics.

Great news everyone La Dolce Vita won 14 awards at the GVN awards. I so excited that I can say that I was a apart of that movie and add it onto my porn resume.

what else..... oh
Ken had gone away for the weekend to Puerto Rico and came back yesterday. And then we both leave on separate trips tomorrow. I am going down to Fort Lauderdale to finally film again and ken is going down to Brazil for vacation.

Well just wanted to let you guys know that I am still alive and I hope you are all doing well

Jonathan Vargas


G Cracker said...

Wow, you *are* busy lately!! Congratulations for La Dolce Vita!! Honestly, I'm shocked you didn't get Best Newcomer (though 15 awards for one movie is a little bit obscene, I guess :P) Seems with all the business you've been doing, you and Ken aren't spending a lot of time together, which is too bad but I'm sure you'll make up for lost time as soon as you're able. :)

I hope that you'll be able to fit in lunch if I manage to work out going to NYC next weekend. It's looking good, it's just not nailed down or specific. Have fun filming!

William said...

hey, can you tell us what movie you are going to be filming?

exNavyMike said...

Looks like you had a great time down there. And I see that you met the amazing Mr. Pam. She's a neighbor of our in San Francisco. She's awesome. I have some pics with her on my blog at last week's Colt party, but nothing as hot as the one you have of her with Rafael...

I'm heading back to NY in a few days. maybe I'll see you around...

Donald in Toronto said...

I read on Michael Lucas' blog that you are down in Fort Lauderdale filming. I'm looking forward the the final results! :-)