Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Colombia part 2

Well lets talk with my grandparents party and recommit ceremony. The
day started out normally with everyone needing to get ready. I of course
don't have my luggage for this special event. But anyways it was a huge
family event. When I say everyone came to Colombia I mean everyone from
the states like my parents cousin and uncles and aunts. I mean the place
was packed and they all went for my grandparents. It was just so amazing
to see the love and support and to be with everyone. I met my cousin for
the first time and I also met John for the first time because I had
never met him before. Sebastian lives in Las Vegas and John lives in
Venezuela. He is my uncle Bravlio son and my mother brother. He has 5
kids with different women plus two step kinds. But ill get to that
later. So we are at the party and the reverend comes out and starts the
ceremony. He was talking about how wonderful that my grandparents been
married for 50 yrs and how uncommon this was and how special this is.
But I made a comment that he has only been there for less then half the
marriage because he was in the states working to be able to build a
strong future in Colombia. It was funny and the people laughed at the
table. My grandfather just recently left the states 2 yrs ago and my
grandmama compliances how bossy he is to my mom. So really the long
distance separation was the key factor here cause who know what would
have happened. But my grandpa loves my grandmother so much and my
grandma is so happy to have him back too. Anyways the reverend kept yapping
about 50 years and how my grandparents were the perfect example of love
and that my grandparents children must have wonderful marriages because
of there example. That when the whole party looked at my uncle Bravlio
and were laughing. Of course he has been married 5 or 6 times and has 5
kids all over the place. So everyone got a kick out of it. The party
went on and everyone had a great time. I had a few cocktails of course
and danced a bit to salsa . The party
ended like at 3 and we all left with the gifts and presents people had
left for my grandparents. But suddenly we had no cab and it was like 18
of us. No cabs were stopping and it was late at night and Colombia can be
very dangerous. We tried to stop a cab but wouldn’t stop. So we had to
WALK home with all these women in heels with boxes of present. My uncle
set up a task force with the males of the bunch to stand in the back
front and side and fuck up anyone who came close. It was a tad scary we
started walking when I suddenly fell into a hole filled with mud. I was
so angry that I launched this vase of flowers into the air. We
all got home ok and that was that. Well I still have a million stories
but I should keep them short. Ill post again real soon
Jonathan Vargas

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