Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Jonathan have another drink (party goes on)

Well how can I put it. I have the most deceptive, sneaky, secretive
friends a person can imagine. Can you believe that my closes friends
through me a surprise bday party and my bf was in on the action! Friday
was one of the most amazing day of my life. My best friend Yarenis was
the decoy. She had taken me out to dinner with her boyfriend and my
friend Steven who works at Lucas entertainment in the PR department. We
had all gone to dinner late at night and all the clues were there. I had
invited my friend Branden and Melissa to the small dinner but they had
excuse for not coming and I was sad. But little did I know that they
were at the house setting everything up with my little buddy Cornell. We
ate at a Thai place and Yarenis was desperate for me to be home by 1030
but her excuse was that our elementary school friend was coming out with
us and was meeting us at my house. Yarenis during dinner was constantly on
the phone and would leave the table. She kept on saying how we had to
go back to my place and drink a bit. So o course after dinner we go back
to my place to pick up “De’Anna” and have a few drinks. I am walking up the
stairs and Yarenis tells me to wait because “De’Anna” is close by. That was
another clue but I still didn't get the hints. I finally make it to my
six floor walk up apartment. Slip my key into the door knob I turn on
the lights and bang. I got the shock of my life. I think my heart must
have skipped a beat from the shock and I felt like I wasn't there for
the first 20 minutes. I think it was one of the sweetest thing anyone
has done and ken had brought home this really cute human size martini
glass. There was cake and liquor. Little bite size food and more liquor.
There was chips and of course more liquor. An hour later I had another guest come by and it was Dancer Alma from high school. I offered her a drink and just went crazy. We left my house to go to a bar around my house. Melissa got crazy and started dancing on the bar. The men and bartenders were loving it so much that we got free drinks. I was so out of it at this point. We then decided to go down to the east village to Urge. Had a couple more drinks and just had a blast. I couldn’t ask for anything better. If there’s anything that I am really grateful about it is the fact that I have wonderful people around me. Friends who I can count on and who are there for me. I know they will never judge me and I can trust them with anything.
I love you guys big time. I am the richest guy in the world and will continue to be rich as long as I have you all.
Thank you
Jonathan Vargas


Donald in Toronto said...

Great pics. Thanks for sharing.

G Cracker said...

Oh wow! Your friends really are great, and so is your boyfriend!! They really did a great job with the whole surprise, woohoo! That martini glass is ginormous...how big is it exactly? Do you know?

Bill said...

Hi J...belated Happy Birthday...I'm glad to read that your friends took good care of you :-)

exNavyMike said...

Happy birthday and welcome back!