Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Winter Party Miami

Miami has long been over due!!! The last time I was in Miami was in december of 07. and I had gone down with Hector and Erika. This time it wasn't any different except that everyone we know was down there. The three of us were up to no good once again lol

We went down to Miami for the Winter party which is a massive party in which people from all over the world come from. I know because my good friends from Australia Nick and Jason were there kiki-ing with us all. The party is a mix of clubs, beach, and pool parties. Never in my life had I seen so many hot guys!!! I took so many pictures but I have a sad sad story ..... I lost my camera the day of the last party grrrrrrr.

Besides the parties I also had really good friends that have moved to Miami from New York and I also had family. I got to see one of my really good friends Luz who I hadnt seen since Dec 07 and it was great to see her again. We have known each other since the 7th grade and I love the girl to death. She has seen me in my very awkward stages of puberty. From the growth in body hair, to the change in voice, to my big manly frame change lol. She picked my up from South beach and we drove around miami. She took me to go see my aunt and uncle. We ate at my aunts restaurant and we later had a coffee in south beach. The only shame about this trip is that I didn't get to see her family since they were all busy. Her family has seen me grow up as well to be this big strong man lol hahahaha who am I kidding.

I also got to see the lovely Melissa. Melissa is my wild and crazy friend who I used to hang out with all the time in NYC. We have known each other since the 9th grade and let me tell you this girl is Hilarious. We always have a great time making fun of one another or just laughing at stupid silly things. The last time I saw her was at my Moving to Australia party which was like the 3rd week of May 08. I invited her to one of the dance parties and she came with me and we just danced for a while. We caught up after and just talked about the good old days.

Miami was a great trip and there was so much that happened but I cant possibly remember all the stories with out my camera. The good news is that I just ordered a new one and hope to get one soon. I also met some amazing people and someone super amazing in particular. Its was a great trip and I actually cant wait to go down again.

Peace out



I tested out my hood hat here and it was a hit!!!! More to come lol

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sydney beaches

When I lived in Australia I worked in the shared service department at Citi Bank. During my time there I became close to this sweet Indian girl Named Ashika. I liked Ashika because she was extremely sweet and very child-like. There was something really innocent about her and I felt like the simplest things amused her. She has worked and Lived in Sydney for over 11 years and I was in shock that she had never been to the BEACH!!!! So I planned a beach date for just me and her and we did the Bronte to Coogee beach walk. Of course Ashika didn't bring a bathing suit.....but I still managed to convince her to go in the water. I had no idea I could be so persuasive. I then took her to my favorite cafe in Coogee named no other but Coogee Cafe. We then had the BEST ICE-CREAM IN THE WORLD at PATAGONIA just down the block from were we ate. We later laid on the Coogee beach while I took a nap. I got sleepy and needed to rest up a little.

The rest of the pictures are from a early night out celebrating another colleague birthday. There you will see the people I worked with while I was working at Alpha-west.

I didnt stay out to long since I then headed over to watch a movie with a few other friends. But it was def nice to catch up with the old crew.

anyways thats all for now


Monday, March 01, 2010

Sydney Costume party

It was sunday early evening and I was relaxing with Wade on the coach. We had been at the pool earlier and we were just chilling at home. I was expecting to have a quite sensible night. Just a few minutes later my friend Andrew called and invited me to BBQ. It was just around the corner and I thought hell why not. Meet a few people, eat some food, chit chat a bit. I asked Wade to come but he declined since he felt a bit tried.

The night started out like a normal BBQ. We had some food, a few drinks and we managed to all get along. The host of the night was Bailey and his house was a 3 story house which was beautiful.
Bailey has an interesting collection of helmets, motor gear, and just a few interesting rooms in the house.

One of the guys had gone down stairs with Bailey and came back in his motor gear. It looked pretty hot and then we all just started trying out some helmets. Then bailey opened up to us and showed us one of his favorite rooms. His DUNGEON.

I have been around the block a bit and have had my share of interesting sites. But this was like nothing I had seen before. I mean there was a room completely dedicated to a vibrant imagination. I was bursting with curiosity to know what gadget did what and how to use some of these things. The rest of the guys were intrigued as well and we just had blast asking questions. Not to mention all the different costumes that were available for us to try on.

It was so unexpected but SOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!! As you can tell from the pictures we had a blast and lucky I had my camera to capture the whole thing. My favorite set of gear was the wrestling singlet. I could so see myself wearing one of these at a party. The "skins" were pretty cool to and sooo soft. I really think it opened my mind to a few new things and would def incorporate a few things in my real life from time to time.

anyways thats it for now


Sydney I am BACK !!!

I have a question....when you think of “home” what pops into your mind? Is it where you grew up? Where you family is? or is it the place you lay down every-night? For me “home” was a big blur. I was back in NYC the place where my mother and siblings were. The place I grew up and had all my close friends. New York had most of my history embedded in her. But I wasn't getting the “home” feeling.

It had been about 8 months since I left Sydney and I needed to know is Sydney my “home”? So like a sensible New Yorker I called a few friends, went online and booked a ticket to Sydney for a month. I needed a few questions to be answered. I wont get into detail about the questions I needed answers too, but lets just say I found a few. I found out that my attachment to Sydney was more emotional then anything else. Love Sydney and would potentially move here for a good reason but I learned that I can make New York home again.

I guess I am being a little cheap with the details but its how I am rolling at the moment.

The important part of the trip is that I had a great time. I saw some really good friends. Found new hot spots for ice-cream. and just took it really easy. A typical Sydney day looked like this. It was either breakfast with a friend, maybe the gym or some reading, Lunch with a friend and then maybe some time at the pool or the beach. Then dinner with friends. Lets just say I did a lot of eating but thats not really surprising about me. I did gain 6 pounds which isnt much. If anything I was lucky that it was only 6 pounds.

Here are a few pictures from the trip.

Ill write more a bit later