Thursday, February 28, 2008

The nice things in LA

So my trip in LA wasn't that horrible. Yes I did get drug and yes I did lose my phone but in the end nothing bad happened to me and I got my phone back yahooo. I was able to explore the city of LA a bit and was also able to stay in different areas. The first few nights in LA I spent it with Jason Ridge. I was supposed to stay with my friend Vinny but his BF had issues with me and was very nasty and Jason actually lived only 2 blocks over so he was nice enough to let me stay with him. In the morning Jason took me to breakfast and he showed me around the Hollywood hills. The other nights I stayed at my friends Elias place and he lived in Hollywood. He took me to this amazing Brazilian restaurant that I just loved. The last few nights i stayed in West Hollywood with my friend Ricardo. OMG Ricardo had a sick apt with a sick few of the hills. It was so nice. Also while I was there I met up with my German friend Frank who was in LA at the same time as I. Me and Frank drove over to Vince beach and took pictures of the water and houses. He was telling me how things were going for him in Germany and we just chilled and relaxed. We got to also experience LA traffic and let me tell you it is not cute. Anyway's I had a good time there and was happy to finally be on the west coast.

Hope all is well

Friday, February 22, 2008


So here are a few pictures from some of the places I was at in LV. I met Erika friend Kiscka who took us to see Jubilee which is the longest running show in Las Vegas. It was actually a really good show and would recommend it. It has its cheesy moments and its has its cute moments. Also after watching the show you will have seen enough tits to last you a life time since a lot of the performers are top less. I also gambled for the first time and that was alot of fun. Erika won some crazy cash and she lost some. I played too and actually on my first game i won 80 dollars but i lost it all in the end. Luckily for me I didn't go crazy spending money just 100 bucks over the course of my whole trip in gambling.Anyhow if you are going to stay in Vegas Planet Hollywood is a great hotel and casino and I would think a lot of folks well love it too

Hope all is well

Jonathan Vargas

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

HB 2008 LV

Better Late then Ever I would say. I feel a little bad for not posting up any blogs lately but I just have been so busy with things here and there that I just completely back up. But here it is lol.
So the Hustlaball was held In Sin City. The lights, the shows, the boys were awesome. I was so excited to be there and to meet the other guys in the industry. I got to meet a lot of new people that were nice and alot of other people that were so standoffish. If there is one thing i hate and when people are standoffish. But other then that me and Erika had tons of fun. I also met a really cool guy name Michael and not only was he a Cutie but he was the aerialist for the event. and let me tell you he did an amazing job. HE is in the bttm pic with the forest green shirt. When he did his show everyone was staring and not just because he was ripped up. After the main party we went to a private party held at one of the suits in the plant Hollywood hotel. Little did i know it would end up being a Sex party. I stayed and watched a little I anit going to lie but I was a good boy. Besides i was feeling sleepy and dirty and yucky lol. oh I also got to meet the Tranny that was on my favorite show Nip/tuck. She hosted the event actually which was super cool.

Any how not sure what to mention plus I need to post up so much more
Hope all is well

Jonathan Vargas

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Wow my luck is back

Well first I want to thank everyone who wished me a happy Birthday. I had such a wonderful time and its hasnt ended just yet. I am going to be celebrating my birthday this Saturday and Sunday with my close friend David who's Birthday falls the same day. So if you are in NYC come over to Stereo tonight at 555 w33 st btw 10&11 av and sunday I will be at glounge and at hiro which is at w17st and 9av. So if your in NYC come get festive with me and have a great time :o) Also I have noticed that as I get older time passes by so quickly. I swear that I feel like my last Birthday party was only just a few months ago. Now for some really good news. I GOT MY IPHONE BACK. Yes you read it right I GOT MY IPHONE BACK. My hot friend Jason Ridge found it and sent it over. Thank you hottie. He has been super with me.

Well its time for me to go

Jonathan Vargas