Saturday, February 02, 2008

Wow my luck is back

Well first I want to thank everyone who wished me a happy Birthday. I had such a wonderful time and its hasnt ended just yet. I am going to be celebrating my birthday this Saturday and Sunday with my close friend David who's Birthday falls the same day. So if you are in NYC come over to Stereo tonight at 555 w33 st btw 10&11 av and sunday I will be at glounge and at hiro which is at w17st and 9av. So if your in NYC come get festive with me and have a great time :o) Also I have noticed that as I get older time passes by so quickly. I swear that I feel like my last Birthday party was only just a few months ago. Now for some really good news. I GOT MY IPHONE BACK. Yes you read it right I GOT MY IPHONE BACK. My hot friend Jason Ridge found it and sent it over. Thank you hottie. He has been super with me.

Well its time for me to go

Jonathan Vargas


Madonna said...

happppy birthday!!!

oh can you put pretty pictures of me?

and also, can you pimp out your webpage. cuase i'm kinda bored with this green dots thingy.



G Cracker said...

Happy birthday (a day late?)!!!!! I hope you are having a wicked amazingly fun weekend!

Anonymous said...

a birthday (yep life passes by too quickly so make the best out of it) and your iphone back! if that's not a good start to get things going. Lovely 'affiche' by the way.

Antonello said...

Hey Hola Jonathan!! I like the idea of ur blog is like a DIARIO DE UNA ESTRELLA PORN GAY EN ASCENSO! kISSES FROM DOMINICAN REPUBLIC..