Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cruising Budapest IV: Jonathan Vargas

Hey this is the trailer for the movie I did in Budapest. My friend Mike told me he found it on Xtube and sent me the link. I look really cheesy but its kind of cool too


Jonathan Vargas

So it seems that the video works when its wants to work so here is the link for the preview

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Benjamin Bradley and some nights out

Here are a few pic from the night that Benjamin Bradley was at splash. He looks good in pictures and in person he is just so dreamy. Really good looking kid with a great body (did you notice that he is darker then me and I am spanish) and the other pictures are from a night out in stereo. Hope you all had a great Turkey day :o)

take care
Jonathan Vargas

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Alma Bday

Another Bday rolled in this week and it was of my good friends Alma. Alma didn't want to do anything big for her birthday so we decided to stay low key. Nora, Cornell, Alexia , and Max took Alma to a little Thai restaurant in Soho called Peep. The reason its called Peeps is because the mirrors in the Bathroom are double sided mirrors so while everyone is eating you can secretly watch everyone while you use the bathroom ... Peep. Dinner was really nice and after dinner we went to Bryant Park hotel for a few drinks but by the time we got there it started to die out. Alma had a really nice time and everyone else did as well Happy bday Alama

Friday, November 16, 2007

Miguels and Aaron Bday Bash

Party Party Party Last week was full of parties and they didn't end with just the Out 100 party. It was my good friends Miguels and Aaron birthday last week too and we def celebrated!!!! I went to dinner on Thursday for Aaron's Bday and on Saturday a huge group of us went to Stereo where hottie Damien Crosse bartends. It was Cornell, Miguel, Aaron, Matt, Hector, Erika, Rob, Mark, Stephen and me all dancing it up at the club. We had such a great time and we danced all night long. One of the best nights. The next day we had brunch for Miguel Bday at HK and we had a great meal over there and later in the night we closed the bday bash with a night of dancing at Hiro the music was unbelievable that night. The weekend couldn't have ended any better:o)

Jonathan Vargas

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Out 100

Out 100

This Past Friday was soooo amazing I got to go to the Out 100 party which was held at Cipriani Wall street.
Cipriani is so beauty and it turns out to be a very fancy restaurant and event hall. I went crazy looking for the perfect suit and with a little help from a sales girl I was looking like a million bucks even thou I only paid $180 dollars on the whole outfit including the shoes! ( I am on a budget but can still rock it ) I was able to also get a ticket for my friend Erika and she was my date to the event. Every one was dressed so nicely and beautifully. There was open bar so you know we took advantage of that plus finger food yummm. Erika and I met up with Will who was there already with his friend Scotty who was actually working the event. Scotty actually got me, Will, And Erika into the VIP session of the party where all the celebrities were hanging out. To name of few Mary-Louise Parker, Jennifer Hudson, Miss J from America next Top Model, Marc Jacobs, The cowboy From the YMCA, Kelly Roland, Model Chad White, Amanda Lepore, Heatherrette, Candice Kane, lady Bunny, Tori Spelling, and Tim Gunn and last but not least Chaka Chan who preformed 2 of her hit songs. I Personally do not get star struck unless its Thalia but what I really enjoyed about the night was that it was different from other nights when I go out. It felt so good dressing up and being there with friends. I loved my suit :o). After The event we got our gifts bags and decided to head over to Aarons for a few drinks. The week was far from over since it was Aaron and Miguel's Birthday weekend but those stories are for the next blog.

Hope all is well

Jonathan Vargas

Friday, November 02, 2007

More Halloween pics plus Metro Velvet

So I wanted to post up a few new pictures up from this Halloween and some older pictures from other times me and my friends went out. I also wanted to mention that this past Monday was Paper Mag Night life awards and I was invited by Mickey from Paper Mag. The party was really cute and the crowd was so much fun. Will Wikle from Logo's " Round trip ticket" was there and he was nice enough to let me sit with him. My friend Miguel came with me and of course you know he was drinking:o) Perez Hilton actually hosted the event and the man is really funny when is on stage. I enjoyed it alot! Another thing I wanted to mention is that my interview that I did with MetroVelvet is finally up and I want all of you guys to see it. I had such a great time with Metrovelvet and I just want to say thank you to them:o)

Hope all is well

Jonathan Vargas