Tuesday, June 23, 2009


So I have been a little behind yet again on my blog. Its kinda shocking how you can just lose yourself with other little

things. To be honest I am not even sure where to begin since n

othing out of the ordinary has happened. Basically I have been seeing my friends and family and going out to eat a lot. Ill try to list things as I remember them....

Well, I am now happy to say that I am a proud owner of a Mac computer. I am in love with my little laptop. Its weightless, super fast, and so ascetically pleasing. I personally think that I would never go back to a PC unless they made some major improvements. Anytime I get on a PC I complain and get frustrated. The Mac is so easy to use and a lot more intuitive. I also uploaded a few pictures from my PC to my Mac and there is a huge difference with the picture quality. I cant believe I didn't get one before. Apple you have my business now. In addition I got a wireless printer for just 49 bucks after my mail in rebate (which I. Filed and claimed yesterday)

I also went to see my first Cirque De Soleil show. I have been wanting to see one of there shows ever since I went to Vegas and heard about them. The name of the show was Kooza and it was incredible. The core strength of the performers was unbelievable. I went with Cornell and his little sister. The tickets were originally $125 dollars for front row seats and we got the same seats for just $52. I really want to see the “O” show which is in Vegas and I hear is just spectacular. So I am going to be saving my pretty pennies for that.

So this is really gay but I thought I might as well..... I got tickets to g

o see Britney in August. I wouldn't say I am a big fan..... Yea she comes up with a couple of good songs but its nothing I would go crazy for. My friends kept telling me how great of a show she does so I thought I should take the opportunity to go see her. Besides I was able to get tickets before they went on sale because of my wonderful American Express Card. I am going with Alma, Yarenis, Alexia, and Erica.

Lets see what else can I tell you.... Its been raining in New York like crazy. I am actually getting annoyed. Oh I also just finished painting my room. It took me 2 days but its finally done. I we

nt with this amazing Ralph Lauren metallic teal paint for an accent wall and manhattan mist which is a grey for the ma

in color. I then changed the manhattan mist to an off-white since it kind of made me a little upset and home sick. It was similar to the colors I had back home in Sydney. Miguel helped me with my room which I thought was super sweet. Thanks Miguel

Wow now that I look back it seems like I did many little things. Anyway thats all for now... I still have to post up pictures from Mardi Gra and Ken’s visit to Sydney soon.

Hope all is well

Jonathan Vargas

I love this song :)

Ken in Sydney march 2009

When I left New York to go to Sydney things were a little weird I would say between me and Ken. We were still living together even thou we had been broken up for about 8 months and I felt bad that I had moved on the way that I did. Ken was a wonderful boyfriend and there are many great qualities about him but the missing factor in our relationship was that I never really felt like he was my best friend. Having said that it was great to know that I could still count on him in being there for me (I just dont count on him for cleaning or picking up after himself, but thats another story)

While I was in Sydney and going through the break up Ken sent me a care package with magazine’s from New York, candy, gifts and a cute card. He was wonderful for doing that and I am very thankful for that. So when I asked him to come visit me in Sydney he didn't hesitate.

Ken arrived towards the end of March and he stayed for about 10 days. Its not a long enough visit but I made it work.

I am just going to list a few things that we did....

  1. Went to dinner at Opium Din with Rauel.
  2. Went to Luna park for the first time with and took the ferry over.
  3. Went to Bondi Beach with Alex.
  4. Nick and Jason invited me and Ken over for drinks
  5. Went to dinner with Adrianna near the harbor bridge
  6. Took Ken around the neighborhood
  7. Had dinner at Napel with Dennis and then went to the movies.
  8. Went to a house party with Ryan, and Wade.
  9. Met up with Justin for a drink and dinner as well.
  10. Took Ken to the night club and danced the night away

Actually I went out Saturday night with Ken and lost him for like 2 days. I didn't see him till Monday morning. I almost sent out a search crew. lol

Also ken bumped into a couple of people he knew from New York who have moved to Sydney.

Here are a few pictures from his trip down under

Hope all is well

Jonathan Vargas

Mardi Gra Sydney march 2009

Here are the pictures that I had promised you all from the time Cornell visited me and we went and celebrated Mardi Gra. We had such an amazing time and met some great people. A few are from the parade, party, and after party........

Hope you guys enjoy:)

Jonathan Vargas

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Hello Big Apple

I am back in the Big Apple ....... so its been over a week since I have arrived from Sydney and wow how the city has changed. But let me start off with with my arrival and work my way around the other details.

I was lucky enough that my friend Alexia came to pick me up from the airport with my other cute friend Alma. They both looked just as cute from the last time I had seen them. We hugged and kissed and hugged some more and I told them about my flight. When I got home Cornell and Miguel were just a few blocks away and we met up at my house for a bit. I spoke to Erika and Hector to let them know I got in OK. Then Ken got home and he had little Welcome Home signs which were cute.

we then went over to Thai NY for dinner and it was a big group of us there. It was Me, Ken, Cornell, Miguel, Alma, Alexia, Erika, Hector, Jonathan, and Aaron. The food was alright but the company was perfect. It was really sweet that everyone there wanted to hear my stories and welcome me back to New York.

The next day which was Sunday I woke up early in the morning and went to my mother place so I could surprise her. I never told my mom which day I was coming back so that it would be a surprise. My sister let me in ( she looked so cute and big )

and I walked into my mother

s room. She was laying down.... she saw.... it took her a few seconds to process....and then like a crazy women jumped out of

bed and started jumping up and down kissing me lol. She was telling me how excited she was and that she had no idea i was coming. My mother looked so beautiful. It seems like she hasn't aged a bit. She looked exactly the same, if not better then went i left. We talked and chatted about Sydney and she cooked lunch for me. It felt good to see her and feel her warm hugs and kisses. I left my moms around 4pm and i went home so that I can get some sleep since there was a big party to go to that night.

Since it was memorial day weekend and my return my friends thought it would be fun to get festive and go to a party named Alegria. Lets just say that I had a blast!!! I caught up and saw tons of people I knew from before and I jiggled and wiggled all night long. Erika did her dance for me and hector gave us the loopy twirl lol.

Later in the week I joined Club H gym which is this gorgeous gym located only a block away from my apartment. Its luxuries like Equinox but at the NYSC price tag. I have gone for a work out twice and I love my gym. Its clean and beautiful and full of all the amenities I could possibly need. I LOVE CLUB H

That same week I went to dinner at Brandon’s place and can I just say that I love his apartment and his dog. We started off the evening with some wine and cheese platter which i thought was very classy of us.......... then a few hours later we did it college style and ordered a cheese pizza ........ good times good times

I also went to the pier this weekend and over to Uno in the meat packing district. I saw Big boy Erik Rhodes there with his Boyfriend Anthony who I actually met like 6 years ago. I took a few pictures so I hope you enjoy....

I still have a lot of catching up to do with friends and I am trying to fall in love with NYC once again to

o. One thing thats funny is that while I was away in Sydney I felt like it had been forever since I was in New york.... and now that I am here its Kinda feels like I never left. Not sure how to explain it.

Anyways that's all for now

Jonathan Vargas

PS ....My buddy Miguel works as a visual merchandiser at Saks 5Th ave and his work is amazing!!!!! Here is one of his displays in which he actually made the metal bugs HIMSELF. Miguel your so helping me out with my room.