Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Alexia Bday party and Vlada

There is so much to tell and so little time! So I am going to start with last weeks events. Last Friday I went to my friend Alexia birthday party held at this place called porky's. Do Not Go there unless tacky sorority girls are your thing. But besides that I had a good time with my high school friends. Carlos, Dancer Alma and of course Alexia were going wild and crazy. Alexia was invited to the bar and was pouring the drinks into people mouths. We stayed there for like about two hours and then Ken had the wonderful idea to go to an 80's music dance party. the place was located in the east village. Lets just say that I wasn't crazy about this place but both ken and Carlos had a good time. Carlos slept over on the air mattress and in the morning I met up with my buddy Miguel who I haven't seen since December. We had brunch at this cute little place by house. The day was beautiful and we decided to go up 5th avenue and just walk around. Later in the night me and Miguel went to Vlada. He had gotten a few drink comp so we got pretty buzzed. I got home early and called it a night.
In my next blog I'll tell you who my scene partner is. stay tuned
Take care everyone
Jonathan Vargas

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Deanna Home

Lets start with the details of last Wednesday. One of my close friends
from elementary school had told me that she had found a place to move and
she would be living on her own. So with all the excitement she wanted me
to stop by her place in queens to check it out. I called my best friend
yarenis to come too since we all grow up together and yarenis was super
excited about going. So we all planned to leave together from the city
and ken was coming too. So we met up at heralds square on 34th street
and I met up with Cornell first. He took a few pictures of me and then
yarneis got there. Now if you look close you will see Scott. Scott is
kens best friend and I had no idea I had captured him in the picture and
it was just really funny. I told him ken was getting out of work soon
but he couldn't wait since he was running late to something. Then me and
Cornell bumped into another friend from high school. She said hi real
quick and then left as soon as Deanna arrived. You could tell that she
was happy since she had been waiting for that moment for such a long
time. We got to her place which happens to be in queens. (Now you know
I love this girl if i am out in queens) her place was super cute. It was
spacious and made any city apartment look like a hole in the wall. Her
apartment would be considered a penthouse had it been on a top of a
hirerise. The only problem was that the whole apartment was lavender
color. So we are throwing a painting party to help her paint the place.
We took a few pictures and as you can see ken is being violent as
always( just kidding). Deanna, yarenis and I have all known each other
since the 4th grade. That's almost 14yrs of friendship. I love them to
death now the next one to move out will have to be yarenis. I am hoping
she moves into manhattan thou. Then we are seriously talking about
hanging out everyday. This girl knows everything about me and we have
been through some really bad times and still managed to have the best
friendship in the world. Well I guess this one ended up a little long
Remember I still have that secret scene partner. Stay toned to find out
who he is :0)
Jonathan Vargas

Friday, March 23, 2007

Drunk in colombia

Hey I was browsing my computer today and I realized that I haven't written anything about my trip to Colombia in a while. I stumbled into this really funny video. Juan Carlos, David and I had all gone out to a gay club in Bogota Colombia. We couldn't bring our cameras inside but we recorded our state of being after we left. It was open bar all night so we all took full advantage. I usually don't drink much but I was in another country. Enjoy!
Jonathan Vargas
Drunk In bogota

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Mamma Mia

Mamma mia Here I go again Mia, Mia how could I resist you? :o) Yesterday me and ken went to go see Mamma Mia on Broadway for the first time. It has been a while since me and Ken did anything together since he has been working everyday since he came back from Brazil and this day off was long over due! We first started out the evening at the Blue Fin restaurant at the W hotel in times Square. We had the Blue Fin drink which pretty mulched tasted like blue Gatorade and Vodka. Which was fine since it tasted pretty good and we want back for seconds. The show started at 8 and we got to our seats. I had seen commercial for Mamma Mia and on Will and Grace there was an episode where Will takes his mother to see the show and come back over joy ed. So I had high expectation. I am not a theater critic but I must say that I was a little disappointed but I must say that I am very happy that I went and would still recommend people to go see it. What I found amazing was the reaction it had on the people. People were dancing in there seats. There was a Gay couple up in the balcony singing along and jumping up and down. Everyone was just touched by the magic of Broadway I guess. The show its self was ok over all. One of the reason why I wasn't crazy about it was because its a really Campy show and I am not a really Campy kind of guy. The music sometimes over powered the voices of the actors and I know a lot of you are going to give me trouble for say thing this, and yes I know its a musical, but they were singing song after song after song with no dialectic in between. I needed more dialectic. My favorite songs like Mamma Mia and Dancing queen were placed at the wrong moment of the show. at least in my option. But I must say this that the energy was really high and that it was I truly felt. I loved the ending ( and no not because it was ending..... Well maybe just a little) was that they later made a huge performance of the top songs and that when the crowd really went loud and crazy. At some point in the show they had confetti and I thought that Rosie 'O' Donald was on the show or near by. After the show me and ken went out to eat for a really late dinner in Hells kitchen. We had Mexican food at this place called El Centro I think which is on the corner of 54 and 9th. The food was good and best of all was my drink. I had a Guava Mojito, which tasted like no other drink in the world. after the restaurant we went home and saw Americas Next Top Model. Oh I have a secret for you guys But ill tell you later in the week. Its about my next scene partner and I am sure you guys will love him
Till next time
Jonathan Vargas

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Its been a while

I back from Florida once again. And lets just say its good to be home.
The work down there was so much for just one person. I had like 12 to 14
hour work days. Which would have been fine had I been helped with
another PA. But there was also a few amazing things from the trip. I got
to spend time with Tony who is the cameraman-editor-director- many other
things. He was the one who kept me sane on the trip and had
conversations about "The Secret". I also got to meet Howard for the first
time. He is the owner of fabscouts and provided most of the models for
the production. But I would have to say there were 3 main highlights of
my stay. That was the night I up with my friend Justine who used to
live up in NYC and moved to fort Lauderdale a year ago. He took me to
this pretty cool place called china white and lets just say we had an
amazing night of dancing and some harmless flirting with a few boys.
Justine looked great as always and I took a few pictures of these really
rocked out dancer chicks. My second highlight of my trip was when I saw
Alex and Ryan. I hadn't seen them in a while either and they always
invite me on these amazing trip to Hawaii or Las Vegas but its always at
a bad timing. But I promise next time ill go. The best part of my trip
was when I saw Luz. My junior high school friend who I hadn't seen in
years but talk on the phone on a weekly basis. Tears came pouring down
our cheeks the moment we saw each other. I had her meet me at the resort
I was staying at and I just thought it was the best part of my trip. We
talked laughed took pictures. I love this girl with all my heart and I
would do anything for her. Since I have been back I have gone out with a
few of my friends. I went to Mr blacks on Friday. A house party on
Saturday and danced at club 20 on Sunday. On Monday I met up with cornel
and Yarenis and went to therapy to see therapy has talent which was this
amazing show case of Talent. Ken finally came back home yesterday after
being in brazil for 10 days. We have spent a lot of time apart. But
neither one of us are doing any traveling anytime soon so we are going
to be able to hang out a lot more. Well that is all for now sorry that I
haven't kept up with my blog. I promise to write more frequently
Jonathan Vargas