Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Alexia Bday party and Vlada

There is so much to tell and so little time! So I am going to start with last weeks events. Last Friday I went to my friend Alexia birthday party held at this place called porky's. Do Not Go there unless tacky sorority girls are your thing. But besides that I had a good time with my high school friends. Carlos, Dancer Alma and of course Alexia were going wild and crazy. Alexia was invited to the bar and was pouring the drinks into people mouths. We stayed there for like about two hours and then Ken had the wonderful idea to go to an 80's music dance party. the place was located in the east village. Lets just say that I wasn't crazy about this place but both ken and Carlos had a good time. Carlos slept over on the air mattress and in the morning I met up with my buddy Miguel who I haven't seen since December. We had brunch at this cute little place by house. The day was beautiful and we decided to go up 5th avenue and just walk around. Later in the night me and Miguel went to Vlada. He had gotten a few drink comp so we got pretty buzzed. I got home early and called it a night.
In my next blog I'll tell you who my scene partner is. stay tuned
Take care everyone
Jonathan Vargas


Jeff said...

lol, its so cool the new apartment
i hope to get an apartment like that when i go there, lol
but i would leave the colour, lol
Cant wait to know who your partner will be. stay in touch man,
love from Colombia
(I'm the dude from MySpace, i dont know if you remember me, lol)

Electroqueer said...

Hey Jonathan...leaving you a nice yummy comment. I don't read too many personal blogs, but I check yours out everytime you send out a Myspace bulletin. Keep on giving us juicy blog bits - we love it.

Raj - aka Electroqueer

Oscar said...

Jonathan i'm just leaving you a comment. You said it would make you happy so here it is. I know its lame but i will leave more on the other blogs and they will be better.

Anonymous said...

Just want you to know that I do always read, I just don't always comment. Looking forward to the next blog entry about the scene partner... but I think I already know who and it should be a great scene for you both.

BTW, I have your blog set with an RSS feed. :)

Anonymous said...

why does almost no one smile in this blog? is smiling out?

Anonymous said...

hey thx everyone for the comment

G Cracker said...

First of all, that hat is SOOO cute on you. Secondly, I love how you always manage to have fun...even at tacky sorority girl things. It's really admirable! :)

Anonymous said...

NICE...very nice

Anonymous said...

Hey whore, im hope u feel special im writing on ur blog :-)

Travis said...

mmm I love their infused vodka, I got so drunk last time I was there.