Sunday, April 01, 2007

Movie Extra Fun

Here are a few pictures from Thursday shoot. I was an extra for my high school friend first movie. Carlos had ask me to be an extra in his movie a while back and of course I said YES. I had such a great time and I had invited my friend Astami who surprised everyone with her talent. My good friend Norh was the producer and camera girl. You know that if Norh is on the set its always going to be a fun night. I even got to see my other high school friend Reina who I hadn't seen in like 6 years. It was shot down in Dumbo Brooklyn and I got to meet other amazing actors. Just made me think back to High school days and the experiences I had while I was a theater Major. I am really thinking about getting back to acting. i had such a great time and it would be fun to work on a project. Would love to do an Indie film or something in that nature. lets see what happens. Anyway's hope all is well with all of you

Jonathan Vargas


Oscar said...

Well would you look at that Jonathan has acting talent LOL jk i know you can act and i bet you did an wonderful job being an extra. And you got to see all of your old friends YAY!!! i know that must have been a good feeling hope all is well with you also. Have a great day Jon xoxoxo

G Cracker said...

Isn't being an extra fun? I was an extra in a movie this past summer called "Normal Adolescent Behavior" (coming out in July, I believe) and I loved it!

Why did I not know you used to be a theater major?? No wonder I like you so much, you're a theater person too. The acting bug is something that never leaves you, when you get back into it you'll wish you'd done it sooner but, of course, there's no need to rush it either.

Astami said...

I had soooo much fun! Thank you so much for inviting me jonathan. You're the best... and the hottest! It was cold but oh so much fun. And the food..-gasp- the food! So good.
Have a nice day... smile =D