Saturday, May 29, 2010

More books and movies

Here are just a few of the things I have read and seen.
I enjoyed everything BUT NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET.


everything else is a go go go..... Some is funny, cute, easy, and informative.

Till next time

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The special lady in my life

This Year we celebrated mother’s day at my house. I woke up nice and early so I could go grocery shopping and buy all the things I needed to make Mothers day dinner. My brother and sister came with and it was great time for all of us to share with one-another.

Things that I love about my mother.

I love her beautiful smile and stunning green eyes. (glad she passed that down to me as well)

I love that she may not always agree with what I do or say but lets me know that she loves me.

I love that she worked very hard to make sure we all felt loved and wanted.

I love that my mother calls to make sure I am ok and that I am eating healthy.

I love it when I am sick she offers to cook and come over.

I love when I upset her by telling her I am getting a tattoo. (I wouldn't it hurts to much)

I remember the day we had the conversation that I was gay and she cried because she was worried she wouldn't be able to protect me all the time from people who would want to cause me harm.

I remember my mother coming to my high school plays even thou she probably didn't really understand what was going on in the play.

I remember the pain she felt when she couldn't give me money to go to the movies with my friends because at the time every dollar mattered. I know she wanted to but she was doing what was right for the family.

I remember how my mother would feel upset or sad if we didnt kiss her goodbye before we left for school. (I was usually running really late and I kissed her goodbye most of the times)

I cant possibly list all the reasons but I cant sure say sorry for all the times I was a shit head.

Momma I love you


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Time in the "Windy City"

The last time I was in chicago was August of 2007 to visit my family and it was long over due.
I used to visit Chicago during the summers to spend it with my dad, my two sisters , brother and step mom. This visit was long overdue. Especially since so much has happened. My sister Ivett had given birth to my beautiful niece Madeline a little over a year ago and I had never met her till now.

During my stay I spent a good amount of time with everyone. My brother Henry is getting taller and let his hair grow out for the first time. My and Janson picked on Henry the whole time we were there. I am suprised that he still loves us. When we would cross the street we would force him to hold our hand if not we would punch him in the leg and give him charlie horse. We would both kiss him on the cheek in public and kept calling him baby Henry even thou he is 13. but most of the time we would just hit him and make him do things for us.

My sister Natalie is on the track team and we watched her run for the nationals. It was a whole family event and it was nice to be on the bleachers since I never experienced that because I lived in New York. Her prom was also that same week and she had a wonderful time.

I went to work with my dad and brother at my dads business. My father started his own alternative medicine practice and had barrels of Aloe vera shipped to the warehouse. My father had asked me and my brother to get the barrels into the warehouse and we could lift them at all. They weight about 600 pounds and both me and my brother couldn't left it together. My father just laughed at us saying that we ate to much Burger king and junk food. and brought the barrels in with one of his workers. Janson and I just watched in shame. You see all these muscles are just for show they dont actually do any lifting lol

I got to spend a bit of time in the downtown area of Chicago. Chicago really is a beautiful city. There are some stunning brownstone next to High-rises. I ran by the lakefront in the morning and went shopping on Michigan avenue. I met up with my friend Stephano and went out to a few parties with his friends and my brother.

Overall the trip was great. I did have a day or two that werent great but I managed to pull thru with the help of therapy shopping ( I shopped for my family mostly ) but it helped and I went out and saw a movie on my own for 6 bucks. The movie sucked but it kept me busy while I stayed in the city. Madeline was a delight to meet and she is stunning just like her momma.

Thats all for now