Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Just another party

More on Saturday.I usually don't go out much. At least when you compare me to my other friends. But I decided to go out yet again on Saturday night with my old friends Ryan and Henry. It had been a few months since I had gone out with them and since it was all in the name of good fun I agreed. We got to Avalon at around 1150 and had to wait in line for almost 20 minutes. Someone in the inside had pulled the fire alarm so the fire trucks appeared at the club and of course we couldn't get in unless they said it was ok. We'll after a few minutes in standing in the cold weather we finally got in. I haven't been to Avalon in over a year. I met up with hottie Brian and his friends Don and Zoe for a moment. He was looking great as always. There were tons of people and the crowd seem to be feeling the large amount of energy. I also ran into my old friends who I haven't spoken too or seen in over a year. We took a quick pic and exchanged numbers since rob always loses his phone. Will looked great too with his new hair style. I danced with my friends for a while and was feeling a tad claustrophobic since there was so many people and I was feeling a little out of the loop since everyone else was buzzed or drunk. I also ran into Erik Rhodes and his boyfriend. We also watched the go-go idol contest which had a few guys go on the stage shaking there booties for the chance to win 100 dollars. There were some unique contestant's but when it comes down too it its all about having fun. Hope all is well Jonathan Vargas

Monday, April 09, 2007

Aprils bday and more ass

So on Friday it was my high school buddies bday. I hadn't seen April in almost a year and it was about time that we got together and party. I called my girl Alma to come out and party and of course she agreed. We met up with April and Rebecca at some club called Gypsies-T. It was a cute little place but a tad small and everyone one just a little out there. Me and Alma later went out to meet up with Miguel at Pop Burger since he was hanging out with our favorite Bartender Max. We had a few drinks and then we headed over to Urge to see some boys in tiny little underwear. Alma and Miguel hit it off and it was just a great night. Alma had an amazing time grabbing the go go dancers asses. I grabbed a little ass myself. Alma slept over that night and in the morning I called Miguel to meet up with him for Brunch. I asked my roommie to come and he actually suggested this little place in Chelsea. It was really funny because we stuck out at this place, I was looking at the menu and every dish had a very typical brunch name. But there was one entree that was a little off. So i asked Miguel what was odd about the menu and he joked and said us. Miguel friend Mike was just cracking jokes and we couldn't stop laughing. I almost choked on my food actually. But it was worth it. I could only imagine what the elderly women were thinking.
I cant wait to see where we go next week
Jonathan Vargas

Sunday, April 08, 2007

feeling the flip

I have been mentioning that I was going to be having a scene on Thursday with a mystery guy and I had you guys guessing. I didn't mention anything till after the scene because I didn't want to jinx it at all. But now that the scene has been filmed I guess I can tell you who my scene was with and it was the man we all love Jason Ridge. After 7 months of waiting my dream came true :o). and to top it off, I did something I had never done before on film. Want to take a wild guess?...............I actually bottomed for this man because I considered that he would be a great partner to break me in:o) it was a flip flop scene so you know I def got a piece of his ass and it tasted and felt great:o) Jason is just such a nice guy and it helps that he is hot. we filmed the scene in the W hotel and it was just gorgeous. I meant to take a lot more pictures but my camera's memory stick was acting up and only was able to get 2 pictures. But Mr Ridge took a few pictures with his camera so I should be getting those soon I hope. The idea was that he was a busy business man and I was the Hotel worker ( Yea pick the Spanish guy to be the worker) lol. and lines get crossed and we end up fucking on the bed. It was a fun scene and it took a short amount of time to actually film.

Hope to get more pics soon
Jonathan Vargas

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Movie Extra Fun

Here are a few pictures from Thursday shoot. I was an extra for my high school friend first movie. Carlos had ask me to be an extra in his movie a while back and of course I said YES. I had such a great time and I had invited my friend Astami who surprised everyone with her talent. My good friend Norh was the producer and camera girl. You know that if Norh is on the set its always going to be a fun night. I even got to see my other high school friend Reina who I hadn't seen in like 6 years. It was shot down in Dumbo Brooklyn and I got to meet other amazing actors. Just made me think back to High school days and the experiences I had while I was a theater Major. I am really thinking about getting back to acting. i had such a great time and it would be fun to work on a project. Would love to do an Indie film or something in that nature. lets see what happens. Anyway's hope all is well with all of you

Jonathan Vargas