Wednesday, January 23, 2008

oh The Pain

So I was in LA this week to visit a few of my friends that are out here and wow this week was full of Drama. But it def had its high points too. But lets start with the pain I feel, The pain I feel from Losing/stolen iphone. I went out with Sexy Jason ridge to a place called Eleven. He had gotten a table reserved and the place was cute the music was at least a lot better then the other places I had gone in LA and I was feeling festive. My friend Frank was here as well visiting from Germany but more on that later. So we had a few drinks I was all jumpy feeling the music feeling the people around me. Candis Cayne from Dirty Sexy Money did a number at Eleven and it was just great. I had a few more drinks danced some more and suddenly I wake up in some strange apartment freaking out since I have no idea where I am and what I was doing. I felt extremely disoriented and I started to walk around , went down a flight of stairs felt all funny. I realized that I walked into the garage when I bumped into a car so I decided to go back upstairs. I walked into a closet somehow and found myself super confused and just really scared. When I got back up stairs I notice there was a pillow and a blanket with a note. The note was from Jason telling me that I was ok and that I was safe that I had to much to drink and that I past out. Jason then must have heard that I was moving around so he came downstairs and told me what had happened. He explained to me that I was dancing one minute and the next I was on the coach dead asleep. Anna Nicole smith fashion guy Benny Trendy helped Jason get me into the car. Whats really funny is that I know I drank a lot but usually I remember a lot more and I usually get really crazy when I have to much to drink but this time I just knocked out. Who just goes from dancing and feeling festive to falling dead asleep? I smell something shady and I am pretty sure someone drugged me. Thank god I had Jason to take care of me and protective me. It was really sweet of him and I appreciate it so much. Thank you babes. Anyhow when I looked for my phone it was gone :o( the reason why I am so sad is that for me to get a new one its going to be a bitch. I had unlocked the Iphone myself so that I can use it for Tmobile. Apple has upgraded there firm ware and I might not be able to hack it anymore. Not to mention all the stuff I Had on the phone. But in the end I rather lose my iphone then to be hurt in some weird twisted way. LA did not make a good first impression but I promise to give you a second chance. More on LA later on and I promise to write about HustlaBall and Vegas later .
Take care
Jonathan Vargas

Friday, January 18, 2008

My time in Miami a few weeks back

So I know its been a while since I have typed up anything . But I decided that I needed to get back to my writing and tell you about a few things I did. I don’t think I mentioned that I went to Miami a few weeks back with my friends Erika and Hector. We stayed down in south beach on Washington Av right on the beach. My friend Gio lives down in Miami and I got to check out his wicked apartment. It was in this fabulous building over by the harbor and it was filled with the most beautiful people in Miami. Hector, Erika, Gio and I relaxed by the pool and catch some rays. At night we hit up all the bars and clubs. I remember bar hopping into like 6 places in one night. Erika and Hector were having a blast and I was dancing my little butt off. During my stay I met up with hottie Jonathan Lowe. We went out to dinner and catch up a bit and I would just stare into his cute little face. There were two amazing nights in Miami that I could never forget. The first was when me and the crew went out to party in Miami and we started at discotecka which is this amazing party down in downtown miami. The music the crowed and the atmosphere was just so amazing. But the night got better!!! After discotecka we went to Space for the after hours and let me tell you Miami did us over. On the way to miami me and everyone were saying how we were going to work Miami over. And in the end Miami worked us over . The music was so amazing at Space that Erika was saying how she would be shitting beats for weeks. We went to the roof and we saw the sunrise and it was just so nice. It was a party to remember. The second best part of my trip was when I got to see my LUZ from NYC who moved to Miami about 8 years ago. Luz is one of my closest friends. We have known each other since the 7th grade and I love this girl to death. She invited me to a baby shower that one of her family friends were having and I got to see her family again. Luz family is like my family and I love them so much. I got to see Hermes daughter for the first time. Hermes is luz’s brother and I shocked luz’s mother since she had no idea I would be there. Writing this blog entry is making me think of them and now I miss them all over again. Ha-ha ( just got off the phone with luz) I could resist so I called her. The baby shower was a lot of fun they played these cute games where you had couples being fed baby food and other things. My stay in miami was amazing and I cant wait to go back. Gio mentioned that I should go back in march for the winter party and I think I will go. He said I could stay with him so I don’t have to worry about a hotel besides Gio is loads of fun and his building is amazing .
Here are a few pics from our crazy nights
Be good everyone
Jonathan Vargas

Next Magazine and Derek Romaine show

So I am very excited to announce that I was nominated in Next Magazine as the "Whos Next" up and coming talents. I am super excited by it all and actually have the link to the piece
so go check it out and let me know what you think:o)

Next Magazine click the link to the left lol

Also I didnt mention that I was on sirus satalite radio on the Derek and Romaine show and let me tell you it was alot of fun. I was on the show for about an hour and I was really nervoues at first becasue i had no idea what I would have said or was afraid to say something stupied. But Derek and Romaine made me feel so comfortable and as wierd as this sounds they made me feel as if i have always known them and spoken to them. I had a blast really and would love to do it again.

I hope you are all having a great time
Jonathan Vargas

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Crusing Budapest IV Jonathan Vargas

So I decided to post some pics up from my new movie Crusing Budapest IV Jonathan Vargas. I have gotten a few reviews. Here is what Marc had to say from chroniclesofpornia.

I've already mentioned how excited I was that resident Lucas Entertainment hottie Jonathan Vargas is featured in "Cruising Budapest IV: Jonathan Vargas" but now that I have seen the movie, and gotten to meet him in the same week, I am all the more ravenous about Jonathan.The big dicked exclusive with amazing lips and who's also equipped with a stellar set of buns takes his exceptional talent overseas to Hungary with Michael Lucas as they explore the eager mouths and asses of Budapest's finest.Jonathan proves with this series entry that he can more than bottom with the best of them as previously we have seen him shine as a top giving us all evidence of his well-rounded skills.

Thank you marc for the very sweet words and the support :o)

also I wanted to let everyone know that I am a little behind on the blogs but I plan to update it all as soon as possible.

Take care

Jonathan Vargas

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Vote for Me

Hey everyone I just found out thanks to Travis that there is a poll on Gayporntimes and I am actually one of the people on the poll. SO if you like my work and want to see more of me vote for me Now

here is the link

THX hope all is well

Jonathan Vargas