Friday, July 31, 2009

Back to the PINES

It had been about 2 years since I last visited Fire Island and let me tell you I missed it BIG TIME. I actually cant believe that I waited so long to come and visit but I couldn't ever find the right time to go. Its such a relaxing, beautiful, and soothing place to be and last week was the best time to go. The sun was shining and the ocean was calling my name.

Me and Cornell left to fire island in the early morning so that we could get an early start to the day. It was going to be a big party weekend that week but we decided to go for the day since we didnt have a place to stay and the tickets were really expensive ($180). When we got to the island we ran over to the restaurant real quick to check if my friend david was working. David works on Fire Island every summer. He wasn't at the restaurant so we just headed over to the beach. On the way over guess who pops out of no where.......David. I hadn’t seen him since I left as well and he gave me a huge kiss and hug and had me carry him for a bit. Silly boy he is. He introduced me to his friend Davis and we all headed to the beach.

The sun was nice and bright and the Gays were all over the place. We could see where they were setting up the beach party and me and cornell gave each other this look like.....AWWW I want to stay for the party. David was trying to convince us to stay and said that he would figure out a way for us to get in. We tried not to get to excited and just relaxed and hung out with the boys. After the beach we headed over to the bay to get some food. We ordered a big yummy burger with fries. This was our own way to try to sabotage ourselves from going to the party lol.

After our late lunch Davis invited us to his place on the island and offered us a place to stay in case we decided to stay. Again me and Cornell just looked at one another with undecided faces. How were we going to get into the party with out a ticket? We solved the where we would stay problem rather quickly. We could always catch the 11pm ferry back to the city if we didn’t figure something out. It was now up to the connection Gods to see what was next. I called a couple of friends and sent a few text messages. It was now 12 am and we had no tickets and the last ferry had already left. David and Davis had tickets but they were brain storming with ideas trying to figure out ways to get us through. A few moments later I got a text message from a friend and BANG WE SCORED OUR TICKETS.

We all jetted to the beach to get our grove on. We weren't worried that we hadn’t packed for the party since we always know what happens at the dance floor. The shirts come off and no one cares what you are wearing. The party was off the hook. The crowd was magnificent and the music was kicking my ass with the beats. Hector, Marco, Erika, Tom, Cielo, and other of our friends were all there as well. Since it was a beach party the breeze kept us nice and cool throughout the night. We stayed till the end of the party to watch the sunrise. We couldn’t ask for a better trip.

The summer isn’t over yet and I know we will have other Fire island experiences that I cant wait to enjoy.

Davis and David thank you for being crazy and convincing us to stay :) I need you guys around more often.

till next time

Jonathan Vargas

Thursday, July 23, 2009

my pretty lady 50th

No words can explain the way I feel about my mom. She is truly anamazing women who has showed me and my sibling's nothing but love and support throughout our entire lives. I remember there were times when we didnt have a cent to our names and she would still give me money so that I could go out with my friends to the movies and then to the arcade ( she didn't always say yes but i know why) . When I figured out that money was scarce I stopped asking her for money because I knew it hurt my mom a
lot more when she had to say no to us.

anyways the main reason for this blog entry is to write about my moms surprise birthday party which was planned by my sister godmother and her husband. We had the party in flushing meadow park and we arrived in style..... Ray had hired a chiva ( a colombian party bus ) and it was filled with my relatives who flew in from Miami, North Carolina, Connecticut, and Boston. Plus other family friends.

My mother was already in the park thinking we were having a picnic and she watched as we all got out of the bus to wish her a happy birthday and to come celebrate the big FIVE-O.
She had tears on her face and big smiles when my uncle, aunt, and cousins came out. They were trying to have my grandparents flown in but the ticket prices were outrages.

We had live music, food, and a pinyata. I saw my aunt, uncle and cousins for the first time in however long. My godmother was there and I hadn't seen her in like 10 years. The party was a great success and my mother had the time of her life. love ya mama

I have alot of pictures so hold on

Hope all is well
Jonathan Vargas

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

quicky blog

I thought it might be easier for me if I just listed the things I did this past week since it would be less time consuming plus I feel like I never ever get to actually catch up so here goes nothing.

The pictures arent in order but I am sure you can figure it out hehe

1) Went to watch a movie at the pier with my friends. The place was loading with people and we couldnt really see the screen but who cares since the company was good.

2) Did yoga in bryant park with Seth and his crew. about 300 people participated.

3) Went to the PS1 muesum party. Very artisy crowd and very interesting since you get to see all the art work while having a cold beer.

4) Then we went to a bbq by Cornells house and played a couple of drinking games.

5) Went to De'Anna's sons birthday party in queens and had a really nice time. ( I have known De'Anna since I was in the 4th grade so we go wayyyyy back.

6) Went to a pool party with Loopy, Trickee, and Will. Didnt stay out long just till 1. Jeff took this great picture make sure to check out his work

7) Saw the new Harry Potter movie which was cute then had people over for lunch. I made chicken roast with pumpkin and carrots YUMMY!!!

8) Keeping up with my kick boxing class. Which I love

I did do a number of other things but I dont have any pictures so I thought I would skip it.
Hope all is well
Jonathan Vargas

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ken's Birthday

Ken is probably going to kill me for writing this but Ken's 39th Birthday had past a few weeks ago and it reminded me on how I have known ken for 4 YEARS NOW. I had met ken when he had just turned 35 and now he is 39 and he hasn't aged much at all. I remember when he was in Australia my friend Justin was shocked and actually thought he was younger then his ex roommate who was like 28 or 29.

Anyways for the day of his birthday his close friends plus Cornell and I went to the meatpacking district to have a few drinks at the Standard hotel which is a brand new hotel over the High line. More information on the High line later. I was a tad late since I was at my kickboxing class earlier. I ordered my favorite drink a mojito and it was yummy! We all sang happy birthday and then we went home.

I decided to take Ken out for his birthday as a gift just me and him since we hadn't spent much time hanging out with one another and I know he likes to try new restaurants. I didn't know where to take him and I asked around and Cornell suggested the perfect place "La Esquina" which looks like a shady, dirty, dodgy taco stand but once your inside and your on the list a bouncer lets you through these big doors, down a flight a steps, through the kitchen and into this lovely trendy restaurant. (don't attempt to go with out a reservation, you will end up eating the dodgy tacos upstairs). We ordered the tacos soap as a starter and steak for the main. We ordered the same thing but that's what I really wanted as well. anyways the food was great and the atmosphere was fun and creative. I could have walked past la Esquina a million times and never would have guessed it to be a trendy Mexican restaurant.

Kens face when we got there was priceless and I should have taken a photo of it since it basically said WTF are you taking me too. hehehe

anyways thats all for now
Jonathan Vargas

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 4th weekend

I celebrated 4th of July weekend the all American way..... Beach, BBQ, and the all mighty fire works.

I started off at the beach with Cornell, Miguel, and Victoria. We went to long beach which is about an hour train ride from Manhattan. The sun was finally shining since we had nothing but rain in the month of June. We first stopped by at the grocery store to pick up on some snacks. Being its a recession we looked for the best deals. At the beach we met up with Alexia who was there with her BF and friends.

oh before I forgot.... on they way to the beach Miguel and I find out that we needed to pay 5 dollars to go to the beach. We were a little upset since the beach should have been FREE!!! anyways we get to the beach only to find out that's its actually 10 DOLLARS !!!!!!! Miguel and I were furious at this point. In Sydney the beaches are FREE and you have a beautiful beach!!! but then Cornell pointed out " we are not in Sydney any more, so get over it" anyways while roaming the beach me and Miguel looked for hot guys that would justify the 10 bucks. Lets just say the beach owes me big time!!!!

other then that we had a nice time... we got good sun and had good company.

After the beach I was invited to Yarenis's family BBQ. I have known Yarenis since I was in the 4th grade and we have been friend for about 13 years. So we are basically family. Anyways I had not seen Yari's family since I left and it was so nice to see them all. She and her father picked me up in the same car they have had since we were in Jr high.... it brought back so many fine memories of us growing up. Her father welcomed me back and asked how I was doing. Yari's mom looked amazing and Yari's sister Damaris was pregnant with her second childed and she was beaming.

You should all know me by now that I can eat, so when I got to the BBQ guess what I did...... I ATE LIKE IT WAS MY LAST MEAL! lol Yarenis family was like its still the same Jonathan from before lol.

More people stopped by and we ate and talked. Yari's family had bought about $400 worth of fire works so we had a little show on the street corner. A lot of the homes in the neighborhood had fireworks so it was fun to watch. Ours was the best show of course !!!
after the fireworks I went home and called it a night.

Good times good times
Jonathan Vargas

P.S I wasn't drunk but I thought it would be a funny picture :) Oh And I also saw the movie The Hangover which is really really funny :)