Tuesday, July 21, 2009

quicky blog

I thought it might be easier for me if I just listed the things I did this past week since it would be less time consuming plus I feel like I never ever get to actually catch up so here goes nothing.

The pictures arent in order but I am sure you can figure it out hehe

1) Went to watch a movie at the pier with my friends. The place was loading with people and we couldnt really see the screen but who cares since the company was good.

2) Did yoga in bryant park with Seth and his crew. about 300 people participated.

3) Went to the PS1 muesum party. Very artisy crowd and very interesting since you get to see all the art work while having a cold beer.

4) Then we went to a bbq by Cornells house and played a couple of drinking games.

5) Went to De'Anna's sons birthday party in queens and had a really nice time. ( I have known De'Anna since I was in the 4th grade so we go wayyyyy back.

6) Went to a pool party with Loopy, Trickee, and Will. Didnt stay out long just till 1. Jeff took this great picture make sure to check out his work

7) Saw the new Harry Potter movie which was cute then had people over for lunch. I made chicken roast with pumpkin and carrots YUMMY!!!

8) Keeping up with my kick boxing class. Which I love

I did do a number of other things but I dont have any pictures so I thought I would skip it.
Hope all is well
Jonathan Vargas


craig said...

You should write a book, Jonathan Vargas. You've got such a nice style of story telling, and such interesting experiences.

Anonymous said...

true but i really want him back in porn, miss those lips a lot