Friday, July 03, 2009


I thought I would make a quick blog entry about Gay Pride Weekend before I forgot to post some of the videos up.
On Friday I met up with Cornell, Jonathan, and Miguel at The Dream Hotel for just a few drinks. I bumped into a few Australians that night and chit chatted. I didn't stay out long thou since I was tried and Saturday was going to be crazy.

On Saturday I went to my friend Alexia's Graduation lunch. Which was in queens. Then I went to my sisters and brothers graduation dinner afterwords. I was there till 10 then I went home and got ready for Roseland.

On Sunday I just rested for most of the night and Sunday night was insane. I went to Alegria on Sunday night with the crew and OMG the music was insane. I still cant get over it. It was the best Alegria I had ever been too. The place was packed all night long and everyone was just super festive. It was def one of the best parties with the best music and shows. The dancers and bartenders where stunning.

here are just a few video clips from sunday night
and a few pictures from Saturday and friday

Hope all is well
Jonathan Vargas

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