Friday, July 20, 2007

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

July 4 party

My friends called me the day before and told me i should have a few people over for july 4th since i lived so close to the fireworks and I could have a rooftop party.
so i did and here are a few pics from that nite

Hope all is well

Jonathan vargas

Monday, July 16, 2007


Hey Guys
thought I would post up a few pics from some of the nights me and Cornell painted the town pink lol. On one of those nights we left the party and 6 in the morning and went str8 to the Vatican for a early morning prayer.

Hope you enjoy

Jonathan Vargas

Sunday, July 15, 2007

when in Rome do EVERYTHING

"When is Rome do EVERYTHING" That was me and Cornells theme. When arrived we were horrified by the place we were staying. Since me and Cornell aren't loaded with tons of cash we had to economize and stay in hostels. But this hostel was dreadful. It was old, crummy, nasty writing on the wall and just a mess. And let me know tell you that the hostel in Prague was a backpackers dream come true. Me and Cornell were cranky and just so disappointed that we went around walking the streets upset and hungry. Our tempers started to flare up and we could def feel the tension. we walked around got some food and just complained at first about our hostel. We even checked out hotels near by. we went back to the hostel after a few hours of walking we met our roommates. these sweet really cute Canadian girls and we just clicked. that's when me and Cornell looked at each other said if these girls can do it, we can do it. so thank you girls for giving us the strength to ruff it out in that shit hole. from that point on everything went up hill. We went site seeing, ate at great restaurants, met some really cool people. The metro system in Rome isn't the best because the lack of metro lines but one of our cab drivers told us it was because every time they would dig they would fine more ruins, and couldn't risk destroying ancient history. My most memorable moment in Rome was when me and Cornell visited the Trevi fountain. I remember still feeling a little tense from our hostel situation and once I got to the fountain all my stress all my tension melted away and i just felt so excited and so fortunate to be there. This is Rome Part one wait for Rome part 2
love Ya
Jonathan Vargas

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

my haircut letme if you like

let me know if you like it

Jonathan Vargas

Friday, July 06, 2007

Par Que aka Prague

Second stop of my European trip was Prague. A little city in Czech Republic. Prague was one of the cities that I must enjoyed. it was cheap friendly and such a cute city. I got there a day before Cornell who was meeting me in Prague at the hostel which we stayed at. (oh by the way the hostel was amazing) it is called the Czech inn and you would never think it was a hostel. Super clean, super friendly, and super cheap. Out of all the places I stayed this won it all. Perfectly located in Prague. Michael was also in Prague working on another movie which I happened to be in. My scene partners were the two naked bois towards the bottom of the page. the scene took a lot of work but we finished it and went off to dinner hahaha. When Cornell arrived we did a lot of sight seeing and ended up by Prague castle, the famous Prague Astronomical clock, Charles bridge. We went once (to Charles Bridge) with Michael at night and had an amazing meal at this cute restaurant. Michael loved to stuff my tummy with food, no wonder I added on the pounds. One night Michael Cornell and I went to a gay club and it was super tiny and filled with smoke. so we left and bumped into this drunk man who happened to speak English. He was telling us about some other party and we decided to follow him. Huge mistake! we ended up walking for like 20 minutes following this drunk, to god knows where in a city I don't know. I thought I felt safe with Michael there but he would be the first one to run and Cornell is to tiny to fight. 20 minutes later and 100 blocks over we end up at this leather/fetish bar. at this place I had seen things i had never seen in porn videos and i was intrigued but so scared. There was a torture chambers. A dirty tub. a seat with all these straps and no bottom. alligator cliches. not really my scene but if your in Prague and your into that scene head over to Alcatraz. We then left and headed back to the original club. it took us half the time to go back since we didn't turn left and right on every corner. The lesson of the day is don't follow drunks around. Back at the original club we met Lukas a fellow porn star/writer who spoke very well English. He met up with us on our last day in Prague and had dinner with Cornell, Michael, and me. When me and Cornell originally planning our trip I kept pronounced Prague as Par Que. Cornell had to correct me like 1000 times and now its one of our inside jokes. I Miss Par Que and can not wait to go back. Oh before I forget me and Cornell ended up at a hustler bar thinking it was a night club. There was a live sex show and nude dancers. We didn't stay long because all the guys looked underage and I felt extremely uncomfortable with that. So we got a drink and bounced.

well that's all for now stay tuned because our next stop is Rome

love Ya
Jonathan Vargas