Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Stop #1 Budapest

So I am Back in NYC after a long sweet vaction. I havent posted anything becasue I was waiting to get all the pictures and some of the great ones are with my buddy Cornell. he wasnt in Budapest with me and since that was my first stop i decided I would post the pics that I did have. Budapest was amazing. The first few days I was working hard. litterlty hard lol. I had 2 scenes in Budapest. The guys were hott and ofcousre you wont hear me complain about it. after we were done filming in budapest Michael showed me around and I got to see the palace eat and some amazing resturants. We chilled with the translator since he was a total hottie and he showed us Budapest during the day. So much happened that there is no way i can possibly remeber everything so ill just show you guys a few pics of what went down in Hungary