Monday, March 03, 2008

Dinner and Mrs beckham

So me and my friends decided to have dinner last Friday at kenjie's house to have a home cooked meal. Its nice to hang out from time to time outside of the club. Usually we are confined in large but crowded space and its refreshing to actually nice to hear one another. Kenjie made a really nice cake and a spinish dip and Erika cooked her famous white chicken sauce lasagna. Everyone made a request for that dish. Its soooooo good. It was like 10 of us at kenjies and we were all laughing and shouting. We all ate like little piggy's that we could barely move. Erika had brought over monopoly for us to play but it ended up getting so late that we are saving it for our next dinner party. Also a few weeks back Victory Beckham was at Hiro dancing with the gays and I was able to take a quick picture with her. She seemed nice and was very pretty in person.
Anyway's I need to start packing soon. I am flying off to Texas and then I head over to Sydney for 2 weeks. I am sooooooooo excited

Hope all is well