Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Today is My Bday, but I still have more colombian stories

Well let me start with a few thing that happened around the beginning of mytrip. I obviously was there without my luggage but I was so happy to be there with my whole family. My uncle and his wife and 2 step kids were there. My aunt and 5 cousins. My mother, brother and sister was there. And of course Cici, grandma and grandpa. Its just been so long since we all have been together. I can't get into great detail about the whole trip because then it would be like the epic poem The odyssey. But I can give you bits and pieces. I am going to try to upload some videos and more pictures. Every night was a night to drink and I never got any sleep, maybe 3 to 4 hours max. We went out and partied a lot as a family. We went to small villages where my grandma owns property. We rode horses. I have never rode a horse before ( I bet many of you are smiling saying yea right like you never rode a "Horse") lol but yea this would be my first time with out someone pulling on the cords and walking me around a park. It felt good being able to control such a strong and mighty animal and I had it running around the mountains. Funny story was that my cousin John took my brothers horse whipped the horses ass and my brother went zooming. And of course our horse went running just as fast behind him. I could have sworn that I was going to fall off. We finally started to slow down and the horses was going down a steep slope and I was behind my cousin Gustavo when out of the blue the horse falls face first flipping Gustavo off the horse and throwing him to the floor and the horse kind of rolled over him. Gustavo got up and ran to the corner and didn't have any major injuries just a couple of bruises. It was so funny how he ran and how the horse fell, but luckily everything was alright. The horse broke the saddle so my othercousin had to take his horse since he knew how to handle the animal. Then later that day we ate and just hanged out as a family, talking playing uno and other card games. Later in the night my cousin‘s, brotherand sister decided to go into the cemetery in the middle of the night. And I don't know if you know this but we are in a small village with a population of maybe 100 people and its purely mountains and hills and wild animals. I didn't go with them because I was with my aunt. She later suggested that we go and scare them. I enlisted my cousin Christian and John to join me in this plot to terrify them. Christian came with a white blanket and me and john climbed up to the cemetery quietly and we could here my brother sister and my other cousin’s under us cause we were on a hill. I started making a weird wind noise and then my cousin Christian jumped up and started screaming. Everyone that was down there ran as fast as there legs could carry them and my cousin Sebastian fell face first and he didn't even bother to get back up since he was so terrified and everyone had left him. Everyman on his own I guess. We laughed and laughed about it and it was just way to much fun. We want back to my grandma house and I told everyone and its was just an amazing story. My brother and older male cousin left all the girls to defend themselves and ran without them. those are my hero’s right? Wow I have written a lot. And I realized that I have so many more story to tell. So catch my blog next time and again ill post more pictures. Oh we also went to a sugar cane farm and saw how the made aqua panela. That’s all for now I guess
Be good
Jonathan Vargas

Friday, January 26, 2007

I am home again

So I am Finally back from Colombia after almost a 1 month stay. But before I post any pictures from my trip I am going to post pictures from the gay erotic expo that I went to in mid December. It was a fun experience and beside the eye candy was amazing. Did I mention that there were tons of guys jerking off and sucking dick in the back room. I won't say any names but it was sure a lot of fun to watch. I met Fredrick ford and Rafael Alencar who has a huge ass. Its amazing and he is super hung which just adds to it all. I had the opportunity to also meet Jason Sechrestand let me tell you that boy is a sweet talker. If I could talk like him and be as confident as him I would have like 8 boyfriends. He was just so confident and such a great host. I was there with the Lucas boys as well and I got to meet Steve Ponce who was really nice to me. Tons of fans were there too and they came to say hi real quick. Now lets talk about American Airlines. Let me warn you do not do not fly with them I was stuck in Colombia with out my luggage for a week and one day. I had to wear the same thing day in and day night. I had everything in my suit case and had to wash my underwear by hand every day. I felt like there efforts were so minimal and were just giving me the run around.. My aunt bought me a pair of underwear and I had to borrow clothing from my cousins and uncle. I had only brought a couple of dollars in cash and my card I hid in my luggage in some of my pants. I was afraid of someone stealing my wallet and then using my cards. I wasn’t able to dress properly for my grandparents 50th anniversary party. I was properly dressed when I went on the Chiva which is this club on a bus kind of thing. I wasn’t event properly dressed for New Year eve. I am not sure if I am being an asshole but I was really hoping that I would be compensated with a round trip ticket to any destination that had the same value as a ticket to Colombia would cost. But no they said we are sorry and gave me only 150 voucher. Do they not know how they complicated my first week there. (when I email them Ill say they ruined it lol) It was so irritating having to borrow clothing that didn’t fit and not having my personal items. I managed but still as a company they should have tried better to make me feel better and try to keep me as a customer. Well I am off for now. Need to get my things together my house is a mess
Jonathan Vargas

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

away in colombia

wow its has been forever since I have updated my blog. Its that I am in colombia right now and it isnt easy for me to use the computer because every day i have done something. i have been only sleeping 3 hours a day. there have been only been two days that i remeber where i got 8 hours of sleep and i have been here for almost 3 weeks. i dont have pics up yet but i do plan to post when i do get back.

I wanted you to know that i was still alive and that i havent been kidnapped lol

Jonathan Vargas