Friday, January 26, 2007

I am home again

So I am Finally back from Colombia after almost a 1 month stay. But before I post any pictures from my trip I am going to post pictures from the gay erotic expo that I went to in mid December. It was a fun experience and beside the eye candy was amazing. Did I mention that there were tons of guys jerking off and sucking dick in the back room. I won't say any names but it was sure a lot of fun to watch. I met Fredrick ford and Rafael Alencar who has a huge ass. Its amazing and he is super hung which just adds to it all. I had the opportunity to also meet Jason Sechrestand let me tell you that boy is a sweet talker. If I could talk like him and be as confident as him I would have like 8 boyfriends. He was just so confident and such a great host. I was there with the Lucas boys as well and I got to meet Steve Ponce who was really nice to me. Tons of fans were there too and they came to say hi real quick. Now lets talk about American Airlines. Let me warn you do not do not fly with them I was stuck in Colombia with out my luggage for a week and one day. I had to wear the same thing day in and day night. I had everything in my suit case and had to wash my underwear by hand every day. I felt like there efforts were so minimal and were just giving me the run around.. My aunt bought me a pair of underwear and I had to borrow clothing from my cousins and uncle. I had only brought a couple of dollars in cash and my card I hid in my luggage in some of my pants. I was afraid of someone stealing my wallet and then using my cards. I wasn’t able to dress properly for my grandparents 50th anniversary party. I was properly dressed when I went on the Chiva which is this club on a bus kind of thing. I wasn’t event properly dressed for New Year eve. I am not sure if I am being an asshole but I was really hoping that I would be compensated with a round trip ticket to any destination that had the same value as a ticket to Colombia would cost. But no they said we are sorry and gave me only 150 voucher. Do they not know how they complicated my first week there. (when I email them Ill say they ruined it lol) It was so irritating having to borrow clothing that didn’t fit and not having my personal items. I managed but still as a company they should have tried better to make me feel better and try to keep me as a customer. Well I am off for now. Need to get my things together my house is a mess
Jonathan Vargas


Donald in Toronto said...

Sorry to hear about the luggage problem, but glad to hear you are back. Looking forward to lots of pictures.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like, other than the luggage thing, you had a ton of fun! I'm intrigued by Chiva...could you explain more about that? A club on a bus? Sounds really cool...unless the bus is moving, in which case I think I'd just get sick. :P

Tré Xavier said...

Welcome back, Handsome. It's great to have that smile back here in NYC.
Sorry your first weak was so trying on your patience. It seems American Airlines isn't making a good name with Porn Stars. Because American Airlines is the same airline that fired your co-star Pete Ross for doing porn, after having him under surveillance. Your and Pete's experience seems to show that there's no middle road with them. Either they do too little, or they do too much.

filmfanatikk said...

looking good!

Anonymous said...

"it's kinda dangerous cause you could die"
Just kinda dangerous? :P You slay me, Jonathan! I'm glad you survived the experience!