Wednesday, January 10, 2007

away in colombia

wow its has been forever since I have updated my blog. Its that I am in colombia right now and it isnt easy for me to use the computer because every day i have done something. i have been only sleeping 3 hours a day. there have been only been two days that i remeber where i got 8 hours of sleep and i have been here for almost 3 weeks. i dont have pics up yet but i do plan to post when i do get back.

I wanted you to know that i was still alive and that i havent been kidnapped lol

Jonathan Vargas


Donald in Toronto said...

Hope you're having lots of fun. Looking forward to pictures.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you must be having a blast!! I am definitely glad that you aren't dead or in the hospital or suddenly in the military or anything. I can't wait to hear more about your trip and especially to see the pictures. I've always wanted to go to South America, ever since I played "Amazon Trail" on the computer in second grade. :P

John Plaster said...

I'm glad to know your still around. Miss your blogs..and I want to see your pictures from the Gay Erotic Expo in NYC.
Hit me up when your back in NYC.

Anonymous said...

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