Monday, September 25, 2006

Joe Oppedisano photoshoot

Today was a long but super excited day. Today I met Joe Oppedisano who is one of the most amazing photographers. I would have never imagined that he would be the one to photograph me on my first photoshoot for Lucas entertainment. The call time was noon and I made 15 mintues early. Well lets just say that he did some amazing work. He did a solo shoot and then a shoot with my scene partner Pete Ross. Joe was so easy to work with and he just made me feel so comfortable. The pictures seem to have come out pretty nicely. I guess not eating this morning paid off. I waited till after the shoot to be able to eat this huge fat chicken burrito. I am not sure when I get those pics yet but as soon as I do I will be posting them. Joe also does some work with beautiful blog and he asked me to do a shoot for a pic that the needed and I did. This is all starting off so well. Everyone at Lucas entertainment has been so nice to me. I wont say names becasue I am afraid to miss someone. But everyone has been so nice to me. I also need to mention that I met chad Hunt who has a HUGE penis. I also met Ray Star and Savanna Samson who a huge female adult star. Today was just super fun. Kingga did an amzing job puting on my face too lol. Never thought i would say that. Ohh before I forget. Check out my bois Jason Ridge. He such a hottie and to bad he left to LA but he needed to be home. Well I am leaving the blog short today. Enjoy
Jonathan Vargas

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Side kick journal

I have a side kick and I write in it as if it were my very own journal. Here is an insert the day I had my very first sex scene with Pete Ross. Thanks again for making it easy for me. I wrote it on 9/20/06

Wtf did I get myself into. I did it I finally did it. Today was my first
sex scene in my life and its an experience to remember. So let me start
with the begging of the day. I woke up at around 8 to get ready and just
organize and groom a little bit. I had a protein shake at like 830 since
I didn't want to eat anything because I wanted to look nice and fit. I
had to get my clothing from the flaunt magazine people at 11 and I got
there like 5 minutes early. They put me in the clothing and then ben
Andrew came in. He's a nice guy but he really doesn't say much. Very
quite and to himself. Then as I was walking out
porn star Erik grant was walking into the flaunt building. He had no
idea who I was thou lol. So I was still a tad early since my call time
was at 12. I went to Barnes and nobles went to the magazine section for
a few moments. I then walked over towards the location and was a few
moments early. Hello I am going to apt 11c please. Yes one moment. I am
sorry Patricia isn't home is she expecting you. I think so. I turns out
that I had the wrong apartment number. The crew was 20 minutes late but
I wasn't bitter. So arrive to the apartment and I was think hold on a
second they should have been here an hour ago to set up. Anyway's we get
inside the apartment. I introduce myself to everyone and say hi. Kevin
is that one who did my make up and hair. For both Pete and me. Kevin
also groomed my body hair to which I thought was nice. Our scene didn't
start till 230. I wasn't feeling nervous at all. Pete kept trying to
comfort me by saying that I should try to pretend like no one is in the
room. But that wasn't what I was worried about. I was thinking that I
could never go back. I finally did it. But I let him think I was nervous
because of the crowd. Tony then was telling us how the scene was going
to be like. He then asked who was going to top and who was going to btm.
I looked at tony, then looked at Pete and then looked back at tony with
an expression of confusion but still managed to say. Oh I was hoping
he would btm. Pete assumed he was going to top since he was older and
bigger then me. In the height sense. I asked him if he had a big dick
cause I hadn't seen it yet. He said no so I said it would be ok for me
to btm then but then Pete stopped me and said no no ill btm. I didn't
disagree. I not a pro at taking large penis. It take a lot of time
getting used to and I also preferred them smaller then me. We went over
step by step slowly. Since this was my first sex scene and my first
movie they tried to make me feel really comfortable. I am very shy in
person and I usually don't talk dirty to random guys unless I feel
totally comfortable with the situation. So when ever they would says
something like Jonathan you going to get on your knees and suck his
dick. I had a look of shock and shyness. I am not used to talking like
that with people I hardly know. We started the scene and things flowed
nicely. There was a few stop and go for coloring and makeup purposes.
Pete made this so easy for me and was so helpful. I got to beat Pete
ass with my penis lol and supposedly I spanked him hard enough to leave
hand prints but he likes that I think. After the scene e I run out butt
naked looking for food. Let me remind you that I haven't had anything to
eat and it was already 5. Then I find out that everything was gone.
There was no food what so ever. Lucky there was someone who offered me
there lunch and there was some cereal eat. It was such an amazing
experience and I am really happy that I have finally started my adult
work journey. I have always wanted to do it and its weird I know but
true. I could do anything else that I wanted and still be good at it. I
would hate it but still do a decent good job. But porn I plan to
dominate. That's if the fans like me to begin with. My friends are so
supportive which is always awesome.
Jonathan Vargas

Here are some pics from Saturdays shoot of La dolce Vita fasion show. Meet some of the bois and crew.

(left)Jack bond, Me, and Jason ridge
(btm) crew getting ready

(left)fashion show model ken
(btm) the crew and models of La Dolce Vita

(left) Amanda and her crew
(btm) me and Jason Ridge ( he is so Hott) i was such a flirt. And I tried not to be obvious

(left) Me and pete Ross

Its all so new

So I decided to start my own blog and I really think its going to be alot of fun. Here are a few pic that I thought would be fun and exciting. I plan on making the blog a little dirty from time to time. But I really want it to reflect on what's current in my life and how I see things. I am the worlds worst speller and my grammar isn't any better. I am shocked I am even in college.

The first pic are of me and my friends on fire island, then my friends at pizza bar, and same for the third pic. The pic of me in a yellow shirt is a night out with my buddies at therapy. At the btm is my future sadist and buddy Miguel.

Jonathan Vargas