Monday, September 25, 2006

Joe Oppedisano photoshoot

Today was a long but super excited day. Today I met Joe Oppedisano who is one of the most amazing photographers. I would have never imagined that he would be the one to photograph me on my first photoshoot for Lucas entertainment. The call time was noon and I made 15 mintues early. Well lets just say that he did some amazing work. He did a solo shoot and then a shoot with my scene partner Pete Ross. Joe was so easy to work with and he just made me feel so comfortable. The pictures seem to have come out pretty nicely. I guess not eating this morning paid off. I waited till after the shoot to be able to eat this huge fat chicken burrito. I am not sure when I get those pics yet but as soon as I do I will be posting them. Joe also does some work with beautiful blog and he asked me to do a shoot for a pic that the needed and I did. This is all starting off so well. Everyone at Lucas entertainment has been so nice to me. I wont say names becasue I am afraid to miss someone. But everyone has been so nice to me. I also need to mention that I met chad Hunt who has a HUGE penis. I also met Ray Star and Savanna Samson who a huge female adult star. Today was just super fun. Kingga did an amzing job puting on my face too lol. Never thought i would say that. Ohh before I forget. Check out my bois Jason Ridge. He such a hottie and to bad he left to LA but he needed to be home. Well I am leaving the blog short today. Enjoy
Jonathan Vargas

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