Friday, July 31, 2009

Back to the PINES

It had been about 2 years since I last visited Fire Island and let me tell you I missed it BIG TIME. I actually cant believe that I waited so long to come and visit but I couldn't ever find the right time to go. Its such a relaxing, beautiful, and soothing place to be and last week was the best time to go. The sun was shining and the ocean was calling my name.

Me and Cornell left to fire island in the early morning so that we could get an early start to the day. It was going to be a big party weekend that week but we decided to go for the day since we didnt have a place to stay and the tickets were really expensive ($180). When we got to the island we ran over to the restaurant real quick to check if my friend david was working. David works on Fire Island every summer. He wasn't at the restaurant so we just headed over to the beach. On the way over guess who pops out of no where.......David. I hadn’t seen him since I left as well and he gave me a huge kiss and hug and had me carry him for a bit. Silly boy he is. He introduced me to his friend Davis and we all headed to the beach.

The sun was nice and bright and the Gays were all over the place. We could see where they were setting up the beach party and me and cornell gave each other this look like.....AWWW I want to stay for the party. David was trying to convince us to stay and said that he would figure out a way for us to get in. We tried not to get to excited and just relaxed and hung out with the boys. After the beach we headed over to the bay to get some food. We ordered a big yummy burger with fries. This was our own way to try to sabotage ourselves from going to the party lol.

After our late lunch Davis invited us to his place on the island and offered us a place to stay in case we decided to stay. Again me and Cornell just looked at one another with undecided faces. How were we going to get into the party with out a ticket? We solved the where we would stay problem rather quickly. We could always catch the 11pm ferry back to the city if we didn’t figure something out. It was now up to the connection Gods to see what was next. I called a couple of friends and sent a few text messages. It was now 12 am and we had no tickets and the last ferry had already left. David and Davis had tickets but they were brain storming with ideas trying to figure out ways to get us through. A few moments later I got a text message from a friend and BANG WE SCORED OUR TICKETS.

We all jetted to the beach to get our grove on. We weren't worried that we hadn’t packed for the party since we always know what happens at the dance floor. The shirts come off and no one cares what you are wearing. The party was off the hook. The crowd was magnificent and the music was kicking my ass with the beats. Hector, Marco, Erika, Tom, Cielo, and other of our friends were all there as well. Since it was a beach party the breeze kept us nice and cool throughout the night. We stayed till the end of the party to watch the sunrise. We couldn’t ask for a better trip.

The summer isn’t over yet and I know we will have other Fire island experiences that I cant wait to enjoy.

Davis and David thank you for being crazy and convincing us to stay :) I need you guys around more often.

till next time

Jonathan Vargas


Frederic said...

euh, and did yu end up having some love making?:)

Cornell said...

eww . you didn't publish my last comment. i hate choo.

no one even commented on this blogpost.

so blah.

love you.



frederic said...

I always do, and selfish twit that i am i want jonathan back in porn, he's tooooo good-looking to lose:)
If not i wish him the right boyfriend and lots of happiness.
euh...I'm a candidate:)

Anonymous said...

jesus , im in love with you..Pedro