Monday, July 06, 2009

Kick your Ass

My father, brother, and step mom were in town a few weeks back and that too was the first time I had seen any of them since I left to Australia. My dad gained a lot of weight, my brother got taller, and my step mom look good as always. I had a really nice time with my family and it was nice to laugh about the past. We all went to the movie theater to see Transformers in a IMAX theater. I thought the first movie was better but the action was really cool. We later walked around the city and did some shopping. We all got caught out in the rain on 9th avenue looking for a place to eat. originally we all wanted Thai but we couldn't make up or mind so my sibling's and I ended up at chipotle and my father and step mom ended up at some corner shop.

I started a kickboxing class at my gym and I am in love with the class. I never had so much fun at the gym in my life. I was pouring of sweat and my body was aching with pain but yet I still had the biggest smile on my face. I have taken abs classes in the past and I hated them but did them in the hopes of getting rock hard abs. In my kickboxing class I work all these different body parts in a fun but intensive way. It's every Tuesday and Thursday and I am going to try to make every class. Summer watch out here I come.

Another thing I missed about my apartment in new York were the elderly ladies who live in my building. Anytime I have a second I stay around to chat with them and they are so lovely with me. I think it's because I help them with there bags and groceries;) they were so excited when I got back and asked me a million questions which I thought was cute. Most of them know me by name and one of the ladies just calls me the nice boy from the top floor:) I call her mama since that's what everyone else calls her. Most of them women have been in there apartment for 30 plus years and have super cheap rent..... Like 600 dollars for a large 2 bedroom is unheard of in new York.

Hope all is well
Jonathan Vargas

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