Sunday, July 12, 2009

Out in Astoria

The only time I leave the island of manhattan is when I am either visiting my mom, going to the airport, and going to the beach. Other then that there is a rare chance that I would hop on a train and going to any of the other boros. I mean you have everything in the city why would you go anywhere else. So a few nights ago cornell invited me to go out in Astoria queens. When I first thought of his proposal I thought umm I think I'll pass. He told me miguel, Alma, Darwin, Felica, lila were going to be there and I thought you know what it's time to do something different and not gay LOL.

So we went to stacy square beer garden in Astoria queens and ended up having a really good time. The venue is huge and I was there by 10 and the placed was packed. We were forced to sit in the inside since there weren't any tables on the outside for our group. The beer cornell ordered wasn't that great but the sangria Falica got was super duper yummy.

I don't know what was in the air that night, it must have been the hetro’s toxic fumes seeping from there pores that made me behave stupidly. Miguel took a photo of me in which I was chugging a jug of bear and I spilled it all over my face. Also as you can see what my t-shirt says let's just say I was a hit with the fellas and the ladies were not having any of it. The women would give me the nasty looks while the men all wanted to high 5 me. I kinda wished it said I love male porn stars but whatever.

After stacy beer garden we went to Astoria’s tiny little gay bar that had about like 20 people in the place including the staff. I called it an early night by hitching a ride with Darwin at about 1230 back into the city thank god he drives.

The next morning I got up to watch Bruno the movie. It' had really funny moments but that actual movie was just alright. I thought it was great to see the extreme of things. Erica said it perfectly that the movie Bruno showed gay stereotypes on steroids. I am glad I payed only 6 bucks to watch it because I don't think it's a 12 buck movie.

Anyways that's all for now:)

Hope all is well



Cornell said...

you butchered everyone's NAMES!!!


it's Studio Beer Garden.

and two of my other friends were Stacy and Maria.

silly ho. like miguel would say, jai ho motherfucka.

kisses. i had fun reading it though. mmhmm.

g'night. who asked you anyway?? BIG SLAP.

Brian J said...

Love the beer garden! It's just a couple blocks from my place. Where was the second place you went? It wasn't Crescent Lounge, was it? My favorite comfy neighborhood pub.

I know what you mean about never leaving Manhattan. Although all the buroughs have their gems. When I lived there I hardly ever left either. But when I did, I always found some amazing places that I was angry I was missing. said...

i miss new york