Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 4th weekend

I celebrated 4th of July weekend the all American way..... Beach, BBQ, and the all mighty fire works.

I started off at the beach with Cornell, Miguel, and Victoria. We went to long beach which is about an hour train ride from Manhattan. The sun was finally shining since we had nothing but rain in the month of June. We first stopped by at the grocery store to pick up on some snacks. Being its a recession we looked for the best deals. At the beach we met up with Alexia who was there with her BF and friends.

oh before I forgot.... on they way to the beach Miguel and I find out that we needed to pay 5 dollars to go to the beach. We were a little upset since the beach should have been FREE!!! anyways we get to the beach only to find out that's its actually 10 DOLLARS !!!!!!! Miguel and I were furious at this point. In Sydney the beaches are FREE and you have a beautiful beach!!! but then Cornell pointed out " we are not in Sydney any more, so get over it" anyways while roaming the beach me and Miguel looked for hot guys that would justify the 10 bucks. Lets just say the beach owes me big time!!!!

other then that we had a nice time... we got good sun and had good company.

After the beach I was invited to Yarenis's family BBQ. I have known Yarenis since I was in the 4th grade and we have been friend for about 13 years. So we are basically family. Anyways I had not seen Yari's family since I left and it was so nice to see them all. She and her father picked me up in the same car they have had since we were in Jr high.... it brought back so many fine memories of us growing up. Her father welcomed me back and asked how I was doing. Yari's mom looked amazing and Yari's sister Damaris was pregnant with her second childed and she was beaming.

You should all know me by now that I can eat, so when I got to the BBQ guess what I did...... I ATE LIKE IT WAS MY LAST MEAL! lol Yarenis family was like its still the same Jonathan from before lol.

More people stopped by and we ate and talked. Yari's family had bought about $400 worth of fire works so we had a little show on the street corner. A lot of the homes in the neighborhood had fireworks so it was fun to watch. Ours was the best show of course !!!
after the fireworks I went home and called it a night.

Good times good times
Jonathan Vargas

P.S I wasn't drunk but I thought it would be a funny picture :) Oh And I also saw the movie The Hangover which is really really funny :)

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