Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ken's Birthday

Ken is probably going to kill me for writing this but Ken's 39th Birthday had past a few weeks ago and it reminded me on how I have known ken for 4 YEARS NOW. I had met ken when he had just turned 35 and now he is 39 and he hasn't aged much at all. I remember when he was in Australia my friend Justin was shocked and actually thought he was younger then his ex roommate who was like 28 or 29.

Anyways for the day of his birthday his close friends plus Cornell and I went to the meatpacking district to have a few drinks at the Standard hotel which is a brand new hotel over the High line. More information on the High line later. I was a tad late since I was at my kickboxing class earlier. I ordered my favorite drink a mojito and it was yummy! We all sang happy birthday and then we went home.

I decided to take Ken out for his birthday as a gift just me and him since we hadn't spent much time hanging out with one another and I know he likes to try new restaurants. I didn't know where to take him and I asked around and Cornell suggested the perfect place "La Esquina" which looks like a shady, dirty, dodgy taco stand but once your inside and your on the list a bouncer lets you through these big doors, down a flight a steps, through the kitchen and into this lovely trendy restaurant. (don't attempt to go with out a reservation, you will end up eating the dodgy tacos upstairs). We ordered the tacos soap as a starter and steak for the main. We ordered the same thing but that's what I really wanted as well. anyways the food was great and the atmosphere was fun and creative. I could have walked past la Esquina a million times and never would have guessed it to be a trendy Mexican restaurant.

Kens face when we got there was priceless and I should have taken a photo of it since it basically said WTF are you taking me too. hehehe

anyways thats all for now
Jonathan Vargas

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