Tuesday, June 23, 2009


So I have been a little behind yet again on my blog. Its kinda shocking how you can just lose yourself with other little

things. To be honest I am not even sure where to begin since n

othing out of the ordinary has happened. Basically I have been seeing my friends and family and going out to eat a lot. Ill try to list things as I remember them....

Well, I am now happy to say that I am a proud owner of a Mac computer. I am in love with my little laptop. Its weightless, super fast, and so ascetically pleasing. I personally think that I would never go back to a PC unless they made some major improvements. Anytime I get on a PC I complain and get frustrated. The Mac is so easy to use and a lot more intuitive. I also uploaded a few pictures from my PC to my Mac and there is a huge difference with the picture quality. I cant believe I didn't get one before. Apple you have my business now. In addition I got a wireless printer for just 49 bucks after my mail in rebate (which I. Filed and claimed yesterday)

I also went to see my first Cirque De Soleil show. I have been wanting to see one of there shows ever since I went to Vegas and heard about them. The name of the show was Kooza and it was incredible. The core strength of the performers was unbelievable. I went with Cornell and his little sister. The tickets were originally $125 dollars for front row seats and we got the same seats for just $52. I really want to see the “O” show which is in Vegas and I hear is just spectacular. So I am going to be saving my pretty pennies for that.

So this is really gay but I thought I might as well..... I got tickets to g

o see Britney in August. I wouldn't say I am a big fan..... Yea she comes up with a couple of good songs but its nothing I would go crazy for. My friends kept telling me how great of a show she does so I thought I should take the opportunity to go see her. Besides I was able to get tickets before they went on sale because of my wonderful American Express Card. I am going with Alma, Yarenis, Alexia, and Erica.

Lets see what else can I tell you.... Its been raining in New York like crazy. I am actually getting annoyed. Oh I also just finished painting my room. It took me 2 days but its finally done. I we

nt with this amazing Ralph Lauren metallic teal paint for an accent wall and manhattan mist which is a grey for the ma

in color. I then changed the manhattan mist to an off-white since it kind of made me a little upset and home sick. It was similar to the colors I had back home in Sydney. Miguel helped me with my room which I thought was super sweet. Thanks Miguel

Wow now that I look back it seems like I did many little things. Anyway thats all for now... I still have to post up pictures from Mardi Gra and Ken’s visit to Sydney soon.

Hope all is well

Jonathan Vargas

I love this song :)

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