Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ken in Sydney march 2009

When I left New York to go to Sydney things were a little weird I would say between me and Ken. We were still living together even thou we had been broken up for about 8 months and I felt bad that I had moved on the way that I did. Ken was a wonderful boyfriend and there are many great qualities about him but the missing factor in our relationship was that I never really felt like he was my best friend. Having said that it was great to know that I could still count on him in being there for me (I just dont count on him for cleaning or picking up after himself, but thats another story)

While I was in Sydney and going through the break up Ken sent me a care package with magazine’s from New York, candy, gifts and a cute card. He was wonderful for doing that and I am very thankful for that. So when I asked him to come visit me in Sydney he didn't hesitate.

Ken arrived towards the end of March and he stayed for about 10 days. Its not a long enough visit but I made it work.

I am just going to list a few things that we did....

  1. Went to dinner at Opium Din with Rauel.
  2. Went to Luna park for the first time with and took the ferry over.
  3. Went to Bondi Beach with Alex.
  4. Nick and Jason invited me and Ken over for drinks
  5. Went to dinner with Adrianna near the harbor bridge
  6. Took Ken around the neighborhood
  7. Had dinner at Napel with Dennis and then went to the movies.
  8. Went to a house party with Ryan, and Wade.
  9. Met up with Justin for a drink and dinner as well.
  10. Took Ken to the night club and danced the night away

Actually I went out Saturday night with Ken and lost him for like 2 days. I didn't see him till Monday morning. I almost sent out a search crew. lol

Also ken bumped into a couple of people he knew from New York who have moved to Sydney.

Here are a few pictures from his trip down under

Hope all is well

Jonathan Vargas

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