Wednesday, January 23, 2008

oh The Pain

So I was in LA this week to visit a few of my friends that are out here and wow this week was full of Drama. But it def had its high points too. But lets start with the pain I feel, The pain I feel from Losing/stolen iphone. I went out with Sexy Jason ridge to a place called Eleven. He had gotten a table reserved and the place was cute the music was at least a lot better then the other places I had gone in LA and I was feeling festive. My friend Frank was here as well visiting from Germany but more on that later. So we had a few drinks I was all jumpy feeling the music feeling the people around me. Candis Cayne from Dirty Sexy Money did a number at Eleven and it was just great. I had a few more drinks danced some more and suddenly I wake up in some strange apartment freaking out since I have no idea where I am and what I was doing. I felt extremely disoriented and I started to walk around , went down a flight of stairs felt all funny. I realized that I walked into the garage when I bumped into a car so I decided to go back upstairs. I walked into a closet somehow and found myself super confused and just really scared. When I got back up stairs I notice there was a pillow and a blanket with a note. The note was from Jason telling me that I was ok and that I was safe that I had to much to drink and that I past out. Jason then must have heard that I was moving around so he came downstairs and told me what had happened. He explained to me that I was dancing one minute and the next I was on the coach dead asleep. Anna Nicole smith fashion guy Benny Trendy helped Jason get me into the car. Whats really funny is that I know I drank a lot but usually I remember a lot more and I usually get really crazy when I have to much to drink but this time I just knocked out. Who just goes from dancing and feeling festive to falling dead asleep? I smell something shady and I am pretty sure someone drugged me. Thank god I had Jason to take care of me and protective me. It was really sweet of him and I appreciate it so much. Thank you babes. Anyhow when I looked for my phone it was gone :o( the reason why I am so sad is that for me to get a new one its going to be a bitch. I had unlocked the Iphone myself so that I can use it for Tmobile. Apple has upgraded there firm ware and I might not be able to hack it anymore. Not to mention all the stuff I Had on the phone. But in the end I rather lose my iphone then to be hurt in some weird twisted way. LA did not make a good first impression but I promise to give you a second chance. More on LA later on and I promise to write about HustlaBall and Vegas later .
Take care
Jonathan Vargas


VividAdultStar said...

Hey babe
sorry to hear about your Iphone.. i hope you can get a new one that will unlock the same. i'm glad you came to the west coast.. sorry it was not so nice to you this time but next time.. it should be better! trying comming to San Fran sometime.. hope you have a better rest of the week!

ricci said...

something is not correct here, i mean do they just drug somebody to get this phone? There's more behind the story and either you better find out or avoid the people you'd hang out with.
In other words:
If you were drugged by someone you'd better figure out who and not socialize anymore among those.
Patronizing Ricci

Marcus said...

dun leave your drinks unattended and dun take drinks from other people. Best to drink from a bottle (Beer or Smirnoff Ice?) opened in front of you. You know you're a star now and must be really careful....

Travis said...

Well I am glad you are alright! That happen to me at Duvet in NYC one time but thank goodness for friends! Great pictures!

G Cracker said...

Thank God you're okay and (I saw this way too often :P) thank God for Jason Ridge!

It's too bad that LA left a bad impression on you, but if you go back, just be a little more careful and ps, bring me with you. I'm small, I'm sure you could fit me in a bag or something, so no extra costs. :P