Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Deanna Home

Lets start with the details of last Wednesday. One of my close friends
from elementary school had told me that she had found a place to move and
she would be living on her own. So with all the excitement she wanted me
to stop by her place in queens to check it out. I called my best friend
yarenis to come too since we all grow up together and yarenis was super
excited about going. So we all planned to leave together from the city
and ken was coming too. So we met up at heralds square on 34th street
and I met up with Cornell first. He took a few pictures of me and then
yarneis got there. Now if you look close you will see Scott. Scott is
kens best friend and I had no idea I had captured him in the picture and
it was just really funny. I told him ken was getting out of work soon
but he couldn't wait since he was running late to something. Then me and
Cornell bumped into another friend from high school. She said hi real
quick and then left as soon as Deanna arrived. You could tell that she
was happy since she had been waiting for that moment for such a long
time. We got to her place which happens to be in queens. (Now you know
I love this girl if i am out in queens) her place was super cute. It was
spacious and made any city apartment look like a hole in the wall. Her
apartment would be considered a penthouse had it been on a top of a
hirerise. The only problem was that the whole apartment was lavender
color. So we are throwing a painting party to help her paint the place.
We took a few pictures and as you can see ken is being violent as
always( just kidding). Deanna, yarenis and I have all known each other
since the 4th grade. That's almost 14yrs of friendship. I love them to
death now the next one to move out will have to be yarenis. I am hoping
she moves into manhattan thou. Then we are seriously talking about
hanging out everyday. This girl knows everything about me and we have
been through some really bad times and still managed to have the best
friendship in the world. Well I guess this one ended up a little long
Remember I still have that secret scene partner. Stay toned to find out
who he is :0)
Jonathan Vargas

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Oscar said...

Awww! I think that is so great you have a friend like that. Seems like a true friendship and those are hard to come by hope your friendship last forever and nothing tears you apart XOXOXO
Lots of love and hugs to you Jonathan