Saturday, November 24, 2007

Benjamin Bradley and some nights out

Here are a few pic from the night that Benjamin Bradley was at splash. He looks good in pictures and in person he is just so dreamy. Really good looking kid with a great body (did you notice that he is darker then me and I am spanish) and the other pictures are from a night out in stereo. Hope you all had a great Turkey day :o)

take care
Jonathan Vargas


Anonymous said...

darker right due to creams and 'sunbanking':) He looks good of course but don't worry jonathan you're still cuter, absolutely.
Bradley -love his films i admit- seems to be skinnier, more "boney" and less natural than before and in spite of his sexy underwear the 'guy' next to him is sexier and that with his clothes on.

Travis said...

So when was that picture taken, he actually is looking less bulkier which is good in my book. He should be the spokesmodel for Mystic Tan lol!!!

G Cracker said...

I am so jealous right now.

I do wish Benjamin was a little less tanorexic, but he's slimming some which is nice.

You have all the best times...I definitely have to make it to NYC to party asap so I can stop being so jealous of you! :P