Friday, November 16, 2007

Miguels and Aaron Bday Bash

Party Party Party Last week was full of parties and they didn't end with just the Out 100 party. It was my good friends Miguels and Aaron birthday last week too and we def celebrated!!!! I went to dinner on Thursday for Aaron's Bday and on Saturday a huge group of us went to Stereo where hottie Damien Crosse bartends. It was Cornell, Miguel, Aaron, Matt, Hector, Erika, Rob, Mark, Stephen and me all dancing it up at the club. We had such a great time and we danced all night long. One of the best nights. The next day we had brunch for Miguel Bday at HK and we had a great meal over there and later in the night we closed the bday bash with a night of dancing at Hiro the music was unbelievable that night. The weekend couldn't have ended any better:o)

Jonathan Vargas


Anonymous said...

Is that HOT Asian guy your boyfriend ??

G Cracker said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Stop everything! Who is the guy on the far left in the third picture? The one with the tattoo? Is he a model or a porn star? If not, why not?
And more importantly, why is he in New York instead of here?? :P I'm adding that to my Christmas list. :P