Friday, November 02, 2007

More Halloween pics plus Metro Velvet

So I wanted to post up a few new pictures up from this Halloween and some older pictures from other times me and my friends went out. I also wanted to mention that this past Monday was Paper Mag Night life awards and I was invited by Mickey from Paper Mag. The party was really cute and the crowd was so much fun. Will Wikle from Logo's " Round trip ticket" was there and he was nice enough to let me sit with him. My friend Miguel came with me and of course you know he was drinking:o) Perez Hilton actually hosted the event and the man is really funny when is on stage. I enjoyed it alot! Another thing I wanted to mention is that my interview that I did with MetroVelvet is finally up and I want all of you guys to see it. I had such a great time with Metrovelvet and I just want to say thank you to them:o)

Hope all is well

Jonathan Vargas


Andres said...

Hola la verdad no quiero escribir en ingles, como siempre sales igual de churro, en las fotos me alegra que la estes pasando bine disfruta lo mas q puedas y vere la entrevista. Un beso

jersey mike said...

haha my ex is in this photo.. funny

Sean Melton said...

Halloween at your house must be frikkin KICK ASS!!!!!!! Cute Costume!

Anonymous said...

loved that metro velvet interview, everyone here should watch it and post a comment about it, it's compulsary watching as my teacher of....used to say:)