Saturday, November 17, 2007

Alma Bday

Another Bday rolled in this week and it was of my good friends Alma. Alma didn't want to do anything big for her birthday so we decided to stay low key. Nora, Cornell, Alexia , and Max took Alma to a little Thai restaurant in Soho called Peep. The reason its called Peeps is because the mirrors in the Bathroom are double sided mirrors so while everyone is eating you can secretly watch everyone while you use the bathroom ... Peep. Dinner was really nice and after dinner we went to Bryant Park hotel for a few drinks but by the time we got there it started to die out. Alma had a really nice time and everyone else did as well Happy bday Alama


Anonymous said...

not only Alma looked happy but dear young jonathan as well, it seems to do you good these relaxing moments (no walls under ur eyes:)) instead of all that unrelentness partying which ultimately demands its toll.

Travis said...

Awww sweet pictures!