Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Out 100

Out 100

This Past Friday was soooo amazing I got to go to the Out 100 party which was held at Cipriani Wall street.
Cipriani is so beauty and it turns out to be a very fancy restaurant and event hall. I went crazy looking for the perfect suit and with a little help from a sales girl I was looking like a million bucks even thou I only paid $180 dollars on the whole outfit including the shoes! ( I am on a budget but can still rock it ) I was able to also get a ticket for my friend Erika and she was my date to the event. Every one was dressed so nicely and beautifully. There was open bar so you know we took advantage of that plus finger food yummm. Erika and I met up with Will who was there already with his friend Scotty who was actually working the event. Scotty actually got me, Will, And Erika into the VIP session of the party where all the celebrities were hanging out. To name of few Mary-Louise Parker, Jennifer Hudson, Miss J from America next Top Model, Marc Jacobs, The cowboy From the YMCA, Kelly Roland, Model Chad White, Amanda Lepore, Heatherrette, Candice Kane, lady Bunny, Tori Spelling, and Tim Gunn and last but not least Chaka Chan who preformed 2 of her hit songs. I Personally do not get star struck unless its Thalia but what I really enjoyed about the night was that it was different from other nights when I go out. It felt so good dressing up and being there with friends. I loved my suit :o). After The event we got our gifts bags and decided to head over to Aarons for a few drinks. The week was far from over since it was Aaron and Miguel's Birthday weekend but those stories are for the next blog.

Hope all is well

Jonathan Vargas


Travis said...

LOL awesome pictures, Scotty is from Orlando hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Yep, i as well do prefer Jonathan in a nice suit than in a campy Superman outfit he actually looks far more sexy and far more adult that way but nothing in the end can beat the look of his nice ass in a tight jeans:)

Andres said...

Hi, why take you so long to write? i can see that you are having a lot of fun and knowing a lot of people. Send youa kiss and take care