Thursday, February 28, 2008

The nice things in LA

So my trip in LA wasn't that horrible. Yes I did get drug and yes I did lose my phone but in the end nothing bad happened to me and I got my phone back yahooo. I was able to explore the city of LA a bit and was also able to stay in different areas. The first few nights in LA I spent it with Jason Ridge. I was supposed to stay with my friend Vinny but his BF had issues with me and was very nasty and Jason actually lived only 2 blocks over so he was nice enough to let me stay with him. In the morning Jason took me to breakfast and he showed me around the Hollywood hills. The other nights I stayed at my friends Elias place and he lived in Hollywood. He took me to this amazing Brazilian restaurant that I just loved. The last few nights i stayed in West Hollywood with my friend Ricardo. OMG Ricardo had a sick apt with a sick few of the hills. It was so nice. Also while I was there I met up with my German friend Frank who was in LA at the same time as I. Me and Frank drove over to Vince beach and took pictures of the water and houses. He was telling me how things were going for him in Germany and we just chilled and relaxed. We got to also experience LA traffic and let me tell you it is not cute. Anyway's I had a good time there and was happy to finally be on the west coast.

Hope all is well


np0804 said...

Well welcome back to NYC. We need you here -- there are enough beautiful boys in LA.

G Cracker said...

Jason is kind of saint, isn't he? You are both *so* lucky to know each other! Sweetest guys in porn!

Anonymous said...

nice pics, blue becomes u well..

Travis said...

love the shorts!

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