Monday, March 01, 2010

Sydney Costume party

It was sunday early evening and I was relaxing with Wade on the coach. We had been at the pool earlier and we were just chilling at home. I was expecting to have a quite sensible night. Just a few minutes later my friend Andrew called and invited me to BBQ. It was just around the corner and I thought hell why not. Meet a few people, eat some food, chit chat a bit. I asked Wade to come but he declined since he felt a bit tried.

The night started out like a normal BBQ. We had some food, a few drinks and we managed to all get along. The host of the night was Bailey and his house was a 3 story house which was beautiful.
Bailey has an interesting collection of helmets, motor gear, and just a few interesting rooms in the house.

One of the guys had gone down stairs with Bailey and came back in his motor gear. It looked pretty hot and then we all just started trying out some helmets. Then bailey opened up to us and showed us one of his favorite rooms. His DUNGEON.

I have been around the block a bit and have had my share of interesting sites. But this was like nothing I had seen before. I mean there was a room completely dedicated to a vibrant imagination. I was bursting with curiosity to know what gadget did what and how to use some of these things. The rest of the guys were intrigued as well and we just had blast asking questions. Not to mention all the different costumes that were available for us to try on.

It was so unexpected but SOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!! As you can tell from the pictures we had a blast and lucky I had my camera to capture the whole thing. My favorite set of gear was the wrestling singlet. I could so see myself wearing one of these at a party. The "skins" were pretty cool to and sooo soft. I really think it opened my mind to a few new things and would def incorporate a few things in my real life from time to time.

anyways thats it for now


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Anonymous said...

oh you're in sydney?

we will be in NY and looking forward to have fun with you again

any chance you will pass through Hong Kong on your way back to NY?

- White and Asian