Monday, March 15, 2010

Sydney beaches

When I lived in Australia I worked in the shared service department at Citi Bank. During my time there I became close to this sweet Indian girl Named Ashika. I liked Ashika because she was extremely sweet and very child-like. There was something really innocent about her and I felt like the simplest things amused her. She has worked and Lived in Sydney for over 11 years and I was in shock that she had never been to the BEACH!!!! So I planned a beach date for just me and her and we did the Bronte to Coogee beach walk. Of course Ashika didn't bring a bathing suit.....but I still managed to convince her to go in the water. I had no idea I could be so persuasive. I then took her to my favorite cafe in Coogee named no other but Coogee Cafe. We then had the BEST ICE-CREAM IN THE WORLD at PATAGONIA just down the block from were we ate. We later laid on the Coogee beach while I took a nap. I got sleepy and needed to rest up a little.

The rest of the pictures are from a early night out celebrating another colleague birthday. There you will see the people I worked with while I was working at Alpha-west.

I didnt stay out to long since I then headed over to watch a movie with a few other friends. But it was def nice to catch up with the old crew.

anyways thats all for now


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