Sunday, October 15, 2006

meli bday BASH

This Friday was My close friend Melissa 21 bday party at remi lounge ( or how Yarenis would say it "its Just remi lounge". I am not a big fan of going to party in queens but it was for Melissa. whenever I go out with Melissa there is fun and drama ( and I love it all). she"s a great friend and I have known here since High school. beside my other great friend Sin ( the pretty one with the red hair) was going to be there and this was the perfect chance for us to hang just like when we were in high school. I brought my best friend who I have known since elementary school. she the one with the long brown gorgeous hair. we were having such a great time and having a few drinks. but the night ended short. we got kicked out because the bday girl decided to kick this bitches ass who was messing with her though out the night. I video recorded the event and the drama but not sure how to up loaded, but when I do check it out and see the drama for yourself hope you enjoy
good times good times
Jonathan Vargas

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