Monday, October 30, 2006

dance boi dance

I have go-go danced back in the day. I would get on a box and shake my
booty and my arms, but last night I did something completely different. I
answered an ad looking for dancers for a club. I went
for an audition and the liked my moves that the same night I ended up working. Wow being on
stage was different then it usually was when I go-go on a small box
because you had a larger stage for yourself and everyone was watching. But
I go over that real quick. It was the stuff afterwards that was a
killer. I had to later give lap dances which I never had done before.
Not only that you would have to go up to the guys to get the lap dances.
I was a mess. I didn't want to go up to people and it felt weird and scary giving
these lap dances. I am SHY but friendly but not really outgoing. Being on stage was a
breeze compared to the rest of the night. A lot of the dancers who are straight were hassling for lap dances being aggressive and making people want lap dances. I can't do
that. I felt that in order for me to be like that I would have to be
high or drunk and I don't want lose control of myself so I would never
do that. I don't think there anything wrong with it at all but it doesn't
flow natural to me. That what's I like about everything else that I do. I like things to feel organic and real.
I did manage to meet a few dancers and clients that tried really hard to
make it easy for me. They were introducing me to their friends and giving me tips on how to talk to the guys. One of them was Richard who was this amazing man who was really sweet and nice. I am going to try to give it another shot and see
how it feels and maybe I will learn how to be a tad aggressive. Many of the dancers had the same experience. I do feel like I could be a bit of a push over and I know that if I can learn how to be demanding and forceful in a good way I can get the things I want. Also I feel like it will make me a better negotiator and business man in the future Hassle hassle Hassle. that's what all those top CEO's do

Recap on the earlier weekend it was my friend Rebecca bday. We
went to eat in queens at a cute place called Cavo in Astoria and then we
went to AIR in the meat packing district but I wasn't crazy about that
at all. My sister came on Saturday and we went shopping because she
needed to buy an outfit for a fashion show she is doing in school. It
would have been a late bday present for her but we didn't find anything
good. Oh and I also went to a Baptist church on Sunday but we didn't get
in since it turned out the place was crowded and the line went around
the block. I sneaked in but Julio got caught and so I came back out
because I felt bad leaving him by himself. Ok that is all good bye
:o)Jonathan Vargas


filmfanatikk said...

Hey Cutie! Yeah, the lap dance thing is an entirely different experience. I have many friends in NY thatr say the same thing. Dancing here in LA is just so different. We don't have many clubs where the boys go into the crowd. we like to keep you up on stage where you belong. If in time you become more agressive for lapdances, I'm sure the $$ will be better.

I hope you have a fun and safe Halloween. And I wanna see your costume pix. Maybe some private shots for your blog friends :)

Anonymous said...

I've go-go danced before as well (I think I mentioned that in another comment), on bars, tables, boxes, and stages (the club I worked in had a lot of variety :P) but lap dances...that'd be new turf for me too. I don't know if I could do it at all so if you manage to work up the aggressiveness, go you!! I'll be impressed!

And happy Halloween, by the way!

Donald said...

Love the way you brush your teeth :-)

Pelican said...

Hey Jonathan,
I'm one of the guys who met you last Sunday at the 20 Club -- the shy one who practically fell in love with you! Don't become too aggressive -- part of your beauty and charm is your genuine nature and how real you seem to be, in my opinion. Trust me, you can make plenty of money at these places by just being who you are. I hope I can make it back to the club sometime soon to see you again, and that you'll feel more and more comfortable there. You really ARE the best thing that has happened to that club since it opened...